Sexy wheelchair babe shivers in orgasm sitting on top of boyfriend in love swing suspended by personal patient hoist

Wheelchair Hoist Sex Swing

A wheelchair hoist sex swing helps wheelchair users enhance their sex life. Tetraplegics (quadriplegics) and paraplegics often find it difficult to achieve some sexual positions. Sex after a spinal cord injury is made hard by paralysis and poor mobility. The sex aids mentioned in our wheelchair sex article raised many questions. Here we take a closer look at a wheelchair hoist sex swing. Some paraplegics and most tetraplegics will already own a personal hoist and sling of some description. These make suitable assistive devices for intercourse and love making. Avoiding the expense of an actual sex swing.

Who Uses a Wheelchair Hoist Sex Swing

Sexy wheelchair babe shivers in orgasm sitting on her boyfriend in love swing suspended by personal patient hoist
Wheelchair hoist sex swing

By far the majority of wheelchair hoist sex swing users are regular able bodied heterosexual couples. They can however, be of great assistance to wheelchair users with paralysis. Like those with a spinal cord injury. A wheelchair hoist sex swing may be unknown to people with a disability. Few discuss sex with wheelchair users for fear of offending, or getting offended. Also, many hold the opinion disabled people don’t, or should not, have sex. Others believe all disabled people are oversexed. These misconceptions are slowly changing. We encourage healthy discussion on wheelchair sex life and sex after spinal cord injury. We promote the many beautiful aspects of disability.

Suited to lovers of different sizes and disabilities, it’s easy to adjust the height and angle of your body, in a wheelchair hoist sex swing. All without detracting from each other’s arousal. Quality sex swings offer neoprene padded supports for your butt and back, and stirrups for legs or feet. It’s just a matter of finding what suits you and your disability. Adult stores stock sex swings but we suggest searching online first. Research what type may best suit you. Buying online could save you time and money as well.

Why Use a Wheelchair Hoist Sex Swing

Sexy wheelchair lovers bouncing in love swing climax suspended by personal patient hoist
Wheelchair lovers climax in hoist sex swing

Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted. With a wheelchair hoist sex swing disabled couples can be more sexually adventurous. They can achieve stimulating sexual positions previously only imagined. Reap the benefits of pleasure a wheelchair hoist sex swing can arouse. A healthy imagination in lovemaking is key to generating pleasure. It helps to renew the desire for sexual intimacy. By experimenting with new positions in the bedroom, you can swing your love life into action. Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions. Explore your deepest fantasies.

Take a go slow approach until you are comfortable and confident. It is possible to overbalance in some sexual positions. You may slip right out of the wheelchair hoist sex swing harness performing others. A personal hoist sling can be of advantage in that respect. While not as many positions are achievable, they require minimal balance. Personal hoist slings are purpose designed to prevent from dropping a person, no matter their handicap.

Using a wheelchair hoist sex swing enhances disability sex life. They are not sleazy. They simply make sex with a disability easier. Wheelchair lovers are often amazed how easy these make sex. 

Challenging sex positions, that require exertion and skill, become easy using a wheelchair hoist sex swing. You can find the right angle to achieve deep penetration with minimal exertion. Sexual positions never felt so good effortlessly. Put more comfort and enjoyment into your disabled sex life. Swing into action and sex it up.

Wheelchair Hoist Sex Swing Components

Sex Swing: The sex swing is all you need. Optional extras are a heavy duty spring, frame and hoist. A good quality sex swing harness is made from neoprene padded adjustable ballistic weave nylon straps. These provide maximum comfort and strength. The swing costs around $120.00 USD.

Sex Swing Spring: A heavy duty high tensile steel spring is ideal for those with limited mobility, like quadriplegics, or tetraplegics. The spring helps to minimize the effort required to make rocking and bouncing motions. The average sex swing spring can suspend around 200 lbs. Your local hardware store may have a cheaper option. A sex swing spring costs about $180.00 USD.

Sex Swing Frame: The sex swing frame is like a tent frame. It is a free-standing rigid metal frame to suspend the sex swing from. Most sex swing frames hold up to 400 lbs. There are many types of frames ranging from $150.00 to $500.00 USD.

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Sex Swing Hoist: Some hang their sex swing from an eye-bolt in a doorway, ceiling joist, or beam over their bed. We recommended any eye-bolt installation be done by a qualified carpenter. Or you can hook the swing onto a hospital style, personal hoist. Take advantage of the hoists raising and lowering capability. If you don’t own a personal hoist, there are a few sex swing models that come with a hoist. Using a remote control you can raise and lower the swing effortlessly. Personal patient type hoists cost thousands. Sex swing hoists cost around $550.00 USD.

Already Have a Personal Hoist

Check the maximum weight rating before you go bouncing around in any hospital style, personal hoist. Remember safety first pumpkin. Position any personal wheelchair hoist sex swing over a bed. Or place something soft below you in case you fall. Keep a phone within reach. Just in case it all goes horribly wrong. Good luck explaining your dilema to emergency services lol.

Occasionally, both sexual partners have very limited mobility. Two tetraplegic (quadriplegic) lovers for example. They are restricted by poor hand and arm function. An electric battery powered patient hoist with remote control is ideal. It will help to make wheelchair hoist sex swing positions much easier. That is the purpose, easier love making for people with a disability.

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Some see a wheelchair hoist sex swing as nothing more than a kinky S&M bondage device. Strip teasing, pole dancing, a vibrator, these things are not everybody’s cup of tea. Personal hoists are used for transferring people with high level cervical C1-C7 tetraplegia. Paralyzed from a spinal cord injury, wheelchair users transfer into and out of bed etc, with a hoist. In the home however, a personal hoist can serve many purposes. Limited only by imagination. Most tetraplegics will already own a personal hoist and sling. These can be used as a wheelchair hoist sex swing. It’s just another perk of dating a tetraplegic.

Five Common Hoist Sling Types

Here are five common hoist sling types. Four are suitable for use as a wheelchair hoist sex swing. As an assistive device for sex and intimacy after spinal cord injury. The fast fit, and toileting (or dress) slings, offer the greatest freedom and sexual access. Hammock type slings are restrictive. Material covers the private areas. Hammock slings are fine for able bodied folks. Hammock slings are not well suited for sex with wheelchair users. Or any disability where a severely compromised range of motion, poor motor function, or extensive paralysis exists.

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By not crossing leg straps (sections that come up between the legs) legs spread wider apart in slings. This is great for sexual access, but it does create the risk, of slipping right through the sling. Lengthening top shoulder straps reclines a person into a flat supine (face up) or prone (face down) position.  This is good to hover your partner over you on a bed and rock back and forth.

Wheelchair Hoist Sex Swing Tips and Tricks

Sexy wheelchair lover spread legs in love swing suspended by personal patient hoist
Wheelchair lover in sex swing

The disabled wheelchair user does not always have to be the one in the sling. Switch it around and use your imagination. Try a 360 spinning motion if you dare. Climb in on top of your partner in your wheelchair hoist sex swing sling. Pushing the sides of a sling outward raises it a few inches. By pushing, and relaxing quickly, you can get a rhythmic bouncy motion going.

Try a little something new. Tie your disabed lover up and use the hoist to position them exactly where you want them. Blindfold and spank with a spatula lol. It’s all about having fun. Good love making begins in the brain hours before intercourse happens. Scented candlelight, massage, music, lingerie etc, all enhance the sexual experience. Get into the swing of it. For more tips on sex after spinal cord injury, and sex with a disability, see our wheelchair sex article.


34 thoughts on “Wheelchair Hoist Sex Swing

  1. Sex swings have always had a bad image due to porn movies. They’re actually fantastic sexual aids and I think every couple should at least give them a go once!

    Great article on wheelchair sex swings. I never knew they existed! It’s great that manufactures are thinking of a mcuh broader market, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a little adventurous sex!

  2. i have never ever seen something more ridiculous than this sex swing, it is sad what people and companies try to sell to make money. I am trying to imagine how that thing would help in any way … sorry blank blank blank.
    but dear sirs it is not your fault, if you find people stupid enough to buy this shit and i am sure there are a lot of dumb people out there than what can i say.

    after all i think im just gonna go down the street and get me a gun, a nice big very big gun….really i can not take this anymore!!

    ps: i dare you to give me the designer’s / inventor’s telephone number!! i really would like to have a little chat

    adios amigos

  3. I guess its a case of different strokes for different folks, literally. Imagine two lovers in wheelchairs both with high level spinal cord injury and very limited mobility, such as high level quadriplegics. They need a carer (personal care assistant) to shower, toilet, dress, etc. so how do you propose they have sex?

    They ask an understanding carer or sex therapist to put one in a hoist sling, or sex swing, and leave them alone. The other in their wheelchair can get them into position. And use whatever bouncing their half paralyzed arms can manage. They may just be able to enjoy some physical intimacy. Make love, and develop a meaningful, satisfying sex life.

    Sex Swing Manufacturer
    Topco Sales
    Post Office Box 3566
    Chatsworth, CA
    91313-3566 USA
    Phone: (818) 332-4600
    Fax: (818) 332-4611

  4. This sounds so very very sad to me. Sorry, it just does. Can it possibly be worth the time and effort? Is it not just a tortured attempt to “fit in”, to appear as sexually adventurous as those completely mobile? I don’t mean to berate or diminish here, but it strikes me as trying way too hard. The S and M quality as well. Thanks for all you do and for making so much right.

  5. When it creates healthy discussion I figure it’s at least of some value. I agree the S&M (sadism and masochism) like nature is off-putting to many. However sex swings do not cause pain or humiliation at all. I also think very few people try to fit in behind their own bedroom door. Especially high level spinal cord injury couples.

    Personally I have never used a wheelchair hoist sex swing. Those who do, tell me hoist sex swings, reduce the time and effort it takes to have sex. The biggest detractor to me is cost. These things are expensive. If any manufacturer wants to send me a swing, sure I’ll try it, and tell you all about it.

  6. Sex Swing I haven’t used it but I will need one my husband of 20 years caught a stroke and lost his left mobility. We are happily married and fully sexually satisfied thank God and I think we can enjoy the swing and by the way we are on our 40’s

  7. I have a question about the first picture in the article. It appears that she is just balancing. Im able bodied and when I get going I lean back and suirm a lot. whats to prevent me from falling over backwards?? Am i missing the obvious?

  8. Amanda…for safety reasons, the hoist is best used over one’s bed. Thus, when experiencing “the little death” as our French friends like to call it…you will be safe. Some of the frames which are sold with these slings are seriously weak, poorly made, and not strong enough to hold one lover, let alone support the weight of two people making love. Using one’s hoist is a safer bet. Watch out for the seats and straps on the swings as well. A single outing in one of the seats could wear on the tender skin of the seated wheelie, leading to weeks if not months of open sore healing as a reminder the adventure. A practice seating session, testing of the sling, checking how much movement is facilitated will not only give the two of you an idea of what to expect, but will whet your appetite for future sessions. It is also a good idea for both lovers to try the seat of the sling out as well. If the non-wheelie partner is uncomfortable, imagine what the wheeie will feel like. Not all swings are alike, shop around. Happy Loving!

  9. That’s a good answer Deb thankyou. She is holding onto the sling, if you squirm around so much to let go you’re going to fall off no matter who you’re making love to. You might handcuff yourself to the hoist or be better off investing in a bubble wrap suit lolz.

  10. thanks for the answer Deb and Graham… I just dont think a bubble wrap suit is my look:)

  11. LMAO@ Graham….S&M = slave/Master and you are seriously lacking mentally

    Amanda – can you not see she’s holding on to the straps?

  12. @ simple amazed… goodness, yes i can see that but never assume people can see clearly. Many people have illnesses which impair our vison. Seems the topic offended you in some way.

    Have a good day


  13. and also, it was an open discussion so we should each be allowed to have opinions without being insulted…

  14. Wow, how rude, what if Amanda was visually impaired, or mentally, how would you feel then, Simply Amazed, I didn’t notice she was holding on to start with, had to look a few times, but whatever….

  15. I am quite intelligent and our articles are researched thoroughly. S&M is an acronym for Sadomasochism. It broadly refers to the receiving of pleasure — often sexual — from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. Google it.

  16. And very often, in the UK anyway referred to as slave and master, or mistress, depending on your role! role playing sex games…

  17. I dont understand why people are so touchy about this issue. If its between two consenting adults and no one gets physically or emotionally hurt, who can “judge” what allows people pleasure or in some cases enables others to achieve pleasure though better positioning etc? Its an open discussion not a judgement session. I dont see this activity as pain or humiliation towards the other person.. but thats just my opinion

  18. It could refer to a song by Rihanna or S&M airlines, but I clearly used S&M in the context of reply as sexual sadism, even following it with sadism and masochism in brackets. BDSM is shorthand for the three main subdivisions of the culture: B&D (bondage and discipline), D&S (dominance and submission) and S&M (sadism and masochism). Nowhere does the article refer to slave master nor is it meant to be perceived that way. The opposite of dominance in fact, the article is about empowering greater sexual freedom.

  19. yes, thats my point.. There is nothing wrong with this at all in my opinion. I read the article in its entirety but possibly simply amazed did not? Open discussion is just that. And if it enables better sex, fun for both, etc then I dont see any “issue”. Live it up people and have fun!! Sexual freedon and empowerment are good things so we should all enjoy any benefits available

  20. I just read a couple of insensitive comments about disabled people using a sex swing. By God folks how were we created? All of us didn’t come from a ‘test tube’ as God did create us as heterosexual beings to be fruitful and populate the earth! So just because they are disabled in some way physically they shouldn’t enjoy sex? What is so sad about wanting to have sex as close to normal as possible? Why does being disable mean to some a life of nothingness? They are obviously not dead so why give up and die? We need to stop judging each other as the Bible says “judge no man lest ye be judged”. May God bless and keep us all and I will keep on praying for this world to wake up and smell the toast burning before it’s too late.

  21. Wow first off I can’t believe some of the people here especially ones who see sex for us ( a person in a wheelchair) that anyone would see sex as awaste of time or taking touch effort I lovr my woman and want ro please her as much as possible I’m also a guy and want pleasure aswell it may take more time it may take some getting used to it may take a fee more tricks but to say I’m less sexual then a able bodies man or that it’s a waste of time or this thing is a joke is so so hugely offensive I can’t even describe it. Secondly I am a dominant male I am very much into it so here everyone is right S&M is Master slave it is also sado masochism it also stands for subsmissive and Dom the B and the D can be dungeon and bondage it can be (BDSM) bondage dungeon sado masochist it can be (S&M) sado- masochist a sadist likes to inflict pain the masochist likes to receive it there are soooo many different terms bdsm or S&M can be so after reding all the comments and the people bitching about people havin sex in chairs for kne then also the correct initials for bdsm I had to clear that so no one fights anymore I’ve been a dom for the better part of ten years so bdsm is a lot of things and everyone was right on the different meanings and those comments pissed me off and needed to say something

  22. This is an excellent article and unlike some, I see absolutely no negatives attached to the use of a sex swing by anyone, whatever their physical status. However, reading these comments, it seems there are a few misunderstandings about sex swing use.

    Firstly, you do not have to hold or support yourself with your arms in order to use a sex swing. Most good swings have multipoint fastenings and and strap systems that can be used in different combinations for a huge range of positions. For users with restricted mobility, some or many of these positions may not be available but any swing worth buying will offer straps that can be adjusted to support you in balance without having to use your arms and being in balance is one of the primary advantages of a swing for all users. In the bottom picture for instance, the user is clearly having to hang on with her arms but the back strap could easily be raised to provide near neutral support.

    It was noted that sex swings are expensive. I don’t know the price in other countries but in the UK you can get a perfectly good one for £60 (US$95). To me this isn’t a lot of money when compared to the price of other specialized equipment for those with mobility restrictions. I appreciate a sex swing isn’t a piece of medical or orthopaedic equipment but it performs the same function in that it is designed to add to the what the user can do physically and therefore enhance quality of life so I think it’s fair to make the comparison.

    S & M and bondage associations can be made with a swing but sex swings themselves are really nothing to do with these interests. Yes they are basically a collection of straps but they are designed to liberate not restrain so aren’t bondage and from an S & M point of view this is something that can be added in just the same way as it could be added to sex on a bed, it isn’t anything inherently associated with sex swings.

  23. @ Mat ~ (high five, dude!)
    Thank you for presenting the BDSM in a positive light. Too many misconceptions out there, so thank you for clarifying a few things.
    So far, the most dangerous BDSM “tool” or “instrument” out there is a regular mattress bed! Those things are more dangerous than any swing! At least with the swing there are restraints/straps/belts to help us remain stationary to a point. With those damn beds…well, from personal experience…one can fall out of bed quite easily.

  24. I think it’s a shame that some people can be so close-minded about the possibilities a wheelchair swing opens up for the disabled. Don’t they deserve to have a fantastic sex life as well?

    It’s my assertion that a great sex life is a vital part of being a healthy adult, and even if your body isn’t able to do everything, there’s no reason you can’t use a product like this to keep you sexually active.

  25. Sex Swing ,
    I have to agree it is an invention for all , the freedom one experience is amazing , the security in do so is even better , sure it takes a bit off trust to be sure you are not going to fall out …but nothing ventured nothing gained ..limitations are forgot when the desire to share and experience more takes over ..The only way we get more from life is by going after it in the first place and the “sex swing ” allows us to set our goals a little higher :)

  26. Hi,

    Ive been in a wheelchair for 6 years nows, T12-L1.
    Im now letting my hair down and now decided the time is right to start dating. can anyone help?


  27. Some of you who have no idea how it feels to be disabled and have no god damn right to be rude and nasty, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, if you want to say something, get your Fu*king facts straight before you say anything.

  28. Jasmin
    Care to clarify ? I for one am lost at the point you seem so hard be trying to make here …….

  29. Thanks for the resource. I have send a few of my clients to your site in just the last few weeks. Sex is such an important part of human nature that is should be available to everyone.

  30. I have been reading all the negative comments from able bodied people and it strikes me that most are without any compassion or understanding of anyone with disabilities. I have to admit I too was the same most of my life until at age 58 I slowly began losing the ability to use my legs due to benign brain and spinal chord lesions. For the past year and a half my wife and I have been looking into different devices to help support my body weight so we can have any semblance of normal love making. You don’t realize the importance of physical intimacy until it’s been taken from you. So before any of you put down an idea or product that can restore that intimacy lest you fall into the same boat.

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