Beautiful Sexy Wheelchair Babes

Beautiful girls are not immune to spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury doesn’t care what you look like. Images of beautiful sexy wheelchair babes are not all that common in social media. Wheelchair women appear on-screen as frail pitied little cripples. Sure there are gimp porn wheelchair fetish and trashy disability sex images. Sadly, beautiful glamour wheelchair girls are far less common. We plan to change that with beautiful busty wheelchair babes in lingerie with a gorgeous smile. Our beautiful sexy wheelchair babes gallery features hundreds of pretty wheelchair girls. All shapes and sizes. From all around the world. All totally hot, our girls are sure to impress.

Wheelchair Women

Most agree true beauty comes from within. If you have ever experienced love at first sight, you may also agree physical beauty can be a very powerful attractant. Still, each to their own. What one finds visually attractive or physically beautiful another may not. I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of lovely wheelchair women. If you are one, or know of one, add your images to our collection. Help break the stereotype that all wheelchair women are broken. Somehow less than, lacking in beauty and sex appeal.

A Beautiful Disability

A disability can be beautiful as so many of us see beauty in difference. Often impaired bodies are regarded as a subversive source of sensual-ism with intrinsic appeal. An impairment provides a kaleidoscope of beauty beyond those embodied in cultural norms. This aesthetic pride in the impaired body presents as self-confidence. An unashamed ability to display ones disability openly and positively. No longer is the disabled body something to be hidden away. All of our beautiful sexy wheelchair babes, paraplegic babes and or tetraplegic (quadriplegic) babes, have a beautiful attractive quality and quite a few ooze sex appeal. Check out our hot gallery of beautiful sexy wheelchair babes.

Beautiful Sexy Wheelchair Babes

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Beautiful sexy wheelchair babes like high heels, jewellery, lingerie, lipstick, perfume and all the things regular women are into. Beautiful sexy wheelchair babes are very sensual women who make fantastic partners. Both in purely sexual and more intimate long term loving relationships. They have a strong desire to be loved cherished and respected as much as any able-bodied woman.

It has been argued that women in wheelchairs from spinal cord injury, such as paraplegics and tetraplegics (quadriplegics) have an even greater need to be seen as whole. They deserve to be appreciated for the beautiful, sensual women they are. Don’t make the mistake of believing the negative stigmas associated with being disabled and using a wheelchair. You will only miss out on meeting some truly incredible women.

Wheelchair Sex Appeal

From a male perspective having a spinal cord injury — quadriplegia — I find my wheelchair often sparks female interest. Thousands of times I’ve heard, “Do you mind me asking what happened?” Not just from little old ladies in the market for a new wheelchair. Beautiful sexy vivacious women ask me too. I am different and quietly confident. It is a quality that many find attractive. You could say my disability is actually an ability. Like a conduit or a kaleidoscope, it raises interest and gives a subject to start talking to me on. That reminds me of a poem by Cheryl Marie Wade.


by Cheryl Marie Wade

I am not one of the physically challenged-
I’m a sock in the eye with gnarled fist
I’m a French kiss with cleft tongue
I’m orthopedic shoes sewn on a last of your fears
I am not one of the differently abled-
I’m an epitaph for a million imperfect babies left untreated
I’m an ikon carved from bones in a mass grave at Tiergarten, Germany
I’m withered legs hidden with a blanket
I am not one of the able disabled-
I’m a black panther with green eyes and scars like a picket fence
I’m pink lace panties teasing a stub of milk white thigh
I’m the Evil Eye
I’m the first cell divided
I’m mud that talks
I’m Eve I’m Kali
I’m The Mountain That Never Moves
I’ve been forever I’ll be here forever
I’m the Gimp
I’m the Cripple
I’m the Crazy Lady
I’m The Woman With Juice

49 thoughts on “Beautiful Sexy Wheelchair Babes

  1. Hi,

    nice collection but WHY the “streetsie” watermark. Most if not all the pictures are from other collections or shared on the internet for years, so if possible please remove the watermark and let the pictures live their own life on the net.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Steve, many of these wheelchair babe images are actually exclusive to For those that aren’t permission for use has been requested. We have been online since 1994. If you see our images being used elsewhere please report them to us. That is why we watermark. Our gallery has a watermark all images feature that cannot be undone easily. You may be glad to know we are sorting through and requesting permission for hundreds more wheelchair babe images to be put up here. If you want to submit any images yourself simply register and upload through your Dashboard page, I will review them.

  3. I was wondering myself how real some of these are. Some of them I recognise from other sites (I have been around). I thank you for including pictures of Teal Sherer, she is one of the most beautiful, incredible wheelchair women on the planet, I just wish she would play in real movies instead of silly web series. Some of those, though, I cant help but wonder about their authenticy. I am particularly skeptical about the bra modles from the wheelichic site. Some of those poses don’t seem possible for someone with a spinal cord injury. Are they just really low paras or are they fake? How are they even supporting themselves?

  4. My name is Russell. Im paraplegic also just like the beautiful woman that I would love to meet called paraplegic briana walker 4. Im looking for a serious relationship, and hopefully marriage. Im 37 and was shot in Iraq. When we become an item you want have to work. Just be my barbiedoll wife hopefully. You can see my pictures on facebook. Please respond. Id love to meet you.

  5. wheelchair-babes-076.jpg is a wheelchair pretender in an open hospital gown, no big black boots. 077 does have black boots but I don’t know her name.

  6. Ok thanks Graham- I was speaking about the girl with the two forearm tattoos, all black clothing, black boots, and all terrain wheels

  7. Wow, you want to work for me Jim? With descriptors like that from memory you might have a career in SEO. Big black boots, tattoos, sounds like Amy Winehouse. I may be wrong but think this is Erica. First girl to push her wheelchair to the summit of Kilimanjaro. I wrote an article on her here.

  8. Hi my name is Alex Bale. I am an 18 year old male that suffers from friedreich’s ataxia, which basically leaves you wheelchair bound. These girls are bloody hot. I would like to see more of these girls, if you catch my drift ;) I wish these sort of images where on the front cover of some porn magazine like Play Boy. I would love to see these girls in stores and not just on the net. Sorry I keep repeating myself and referring to the pictured people as “these girls”. I just love this site because, for once people in wheelchairs are seen as “sexy”.

  9. It would be cool if they also had a page for us men in wheelchairs to add pictures. I would maybe think of adding mine although I don’t have big muscles to show off, am strapped in a high end complex rehab powerchair, and wear glasses. I don’t know if you even have pictures of ladies with severally physical conditions that kinda fit my description now that I think of it and if they do I haven’t really looked yet, I would like to know if the ladies who use hospital wheelchairs are really physically handicapped, if they are sorry for being rude. Now that I think about it I do know a lady who was born physically handicapped who uses a hospital style wheelchair but they also got one of those gray car like seat red powerchairs after fighting the system for it. Hospital wheelchairs sometimes make it kind of questionable if they were just injured to this day, but enough of that. I have a question. If anyone finds my discription of me sexy, Why do you? Sorry I don’t have a picture, but I can tell you I didn’t use leather straps. I once knew a lady who liked to play around with me and my chair and sometimes drive it to me, so forget about the chairs for a moment. :-) I think that a lady of that type of discription is sexy. Pictures are nice, but I would like to chat with and get to know ladies in wheelchairs.

  10. True words, this cannot be a disability it just a quality I must say, because only girls who use to be at home can perform such hitting things…nice one

  11. I was wanting to know if Cassandra Lynn is actually in wheelchair or is that just a photo that she had taken?

  12. Kilimanjaro; Mmm, that’s fantastic with a wheelchair. Congratulation…
    As for me, I walked race 22th Marathons, 20 completed..



  13. This is a great image gallery, but I noticed most of the women aren’t really disabled, but pretenders.

    I remember seeing one of my pictures in here a while back. I am not a pretender.

  14. Came to this site hoping to be inspired. Instead I found mostly ABLE models sitting in chairs. To me this is a complete insult. Please do your research and put up actual disabled women – of which there are MANY beautiful, stunning ones. And not in their underwear… this again is demeaning to them. I showed this to many women I know with disabilities and they were indeed shocked and pretty disgusted at what you were portraying. Leave the page 3 girls to the sleazes that buy that stuff. Glamour models want attention. Real women command respect. Please give them some. Cheers.

  15. As a para myself, I would love to meet a female para. I live alone so I travel to entertain myself. It would be nice to meet a girl to get to know and spend quality time with. I love different types of food, different places to go and I am a prankster. So if there are any females out there in my area who would like to meet a strong active para please contact me.

  16. Hello Junke,not sure what you are lookin for,she is cute.Are you disabled?or just lookin for a disabled woman?dont know if you ever dated someone that is disabled if you aren’t,but it can sometimes involves alot.but,it can be a very happy relationship.i am disabled,so know alittle about what it all can involve.As i said a disabled person and non disabled person can have a great life together,or two disabled people can also be very
    happy good luck in your quest junke and keep us posted ok take care.

  17. A lot of these are FAKE. So please dont bullshit Graham. One of them is also a fully physically capable PORNSTAR. This website is pathetic.

  18. Concerned and distressed,
    Although you may find the website pathetic, others have found help, advice, and have come away with a new outlook or perception. I’m rather appalled you would discredit an entire website based solely on photos

  19. To whom it may concern.

    I think there are a few things that you should know before you go slammin a site. This site is set up to help people and give them some other poeple to talk with about sci, and to gain information about their injuries. To maybe help them them through some tough times they are having with their injury. i suffer from an sci and have met wonderful people on this site and gained alot of info, so what i’m saying to you is check all your facts before you open up your opinions about something.

  20. Don’t worry guys, as you know full well, all some people want to do is tear others work down. If they don’t like the website they can leave. Citizen A and Annoyed are illiterate. Nowhere does it say all these girls have a physical disability requiring use of a wheelchair. It’s like abusing a grid girl for posing on a nascar because she’s not a professional driver. Or a foster parent because they are not the biological parent. It’s plain to see who is pathetic here.

  21. So I came to the conclusion that you can be lush and in a wheelchair, so I asked for a pin-up girl in a wheelchair tattoo. MS put me on wheels, and at 34, and I’m still rockin it!

  22. I got rear-ended by some idiot road rage case while on my Buell in December of 2006. I was DOA when we hit County USC, but they brought me back with chest tubes and the paddles (pneumothorax in both lungs.) And no, I didn’t see any white light, a tunnel, etc. I was just dead.

    I was a professional off-road motorcycle racer, sponsored by a few local shops around Los Angeles, and Rick Sieman (Super Hunky) I had my own column in a few vintage dirt bike sites and magazines, and was about to be the vintage MX guy at Cycle World when it all went to hell. I still write about vintage dirt bikes and have partnered up with Rick at, I have the checkpoint column if you want to see what I use to look like, six foot, 185 lbs, a gym rat, no fat.

    So now I rebuild antique farm engines from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It’s a lot of fun, taking a ruined piece of machinery and making it like new again. I lived, ate, slept and rode motorcycles all my life, and thought I was too good to “get it”. Guess my luck ran out. I did build a wheelchair with a tricked out Honda 70 motor in it, it hauls ass, and I can get the hole shot on most street bikes (at least ’till the next crosswalk that is.) I hate electric wheelchairs, they are dangerous.

    So I’ve been in the chair for almost seven years now, I still hit the gym, have 17 inch biceps, and six pac abs (low injury, t-12).

    I was in various hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers for over a year, and I’m glad to be back home in Burbank, at my house. My buddies re-did my garage so I can still work on stuff. Have a hoist, steel workbenches, lathe, drill press (x2)..etc.

    I really learned a lot about people and what friendship means. Christ has blessed me by not taking my life, and giving me a second chance. My darling wife Amparo just went through the trauma of breast cancer, and lucky she caught it quick, so no mastectomies or any of that nonsense. My Daughter Melissa just graduated UCSB with a degree in pharmacology. She’s my angel.

    So if there’s anyone around Burbank CA in my condition, drop me a line and we can do some bench racing. Trade secrets on how to live without pressure sores, stuff like that. Maybe even BBQ up some chicken & steak (beer too!)

    Later folks, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


  23. Hi Matt, think I’ve heard your name before in trials riding or Crusty Demon circles. I admin here, stacked a Katana 650 on a highway 18yrs ago, C5-6 so electric or gas powered chairs are my ride. I’d like to have a chat and publish your story on a page of your own. Drop another comment if interested.

  24. hi,Iam a male incomplete paraplegic.just found your site and loving it. brings me alive.thank you

  25. hallo,junge frauen im rollstuhl,finde ich erotisch,besonders in sexy
    klamotten,rock,stiefel etc.
    liebe grüße manfred
    wer denkt auch so ?? lächel

  26. I am a T3/T4 para for 17yrs now I have met a few ladies in wheelchairs and have done many photo shoots with some of them once there in front of the camera there is no stopping them, it is them that gave me the courage to push my own limits. So much so I performed in half a dozen XXX films and have now an award for best Adult producer then went on to running swingers and fetish clubs, being in a wheelchair is defanitley an attraction to females, dont try and hide the chair, Use it to the full I say.

  27. Hi! Friends i am new to this site. It seems that this is a .good forum for us who are on wheelchairs and we have to share our views about our lives. I am on wheels to i managed to drive my car by hands and i converted it myself .and with my technique i can drive any sort of vehicle on auto transmission.

  28. Hi ,

    My Name is Tony , I am a 40 Year old male spina bifida sufferer from Australia I am Paralysed from waiste down confined to a wheelchair , never been with a woman whatsoever, never even really had the chance to be intimate with anyone for long enough to get to know how it feels

    I really need someone , I have waited 40 years already

  29. Tony Kean….I am sorry that you do not know how it feels to be intimate….being in a wheelchair is really a challenge…I know. Hope that some lovely lady who understands will help you know intimacy once again….

  30. those are some sexy ladies in wheelchairs, i would love to date and make love to them,

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