Beautiful girls are not immune to spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury doesn’t care what you look like. Images of beautiful sexy wheelchair babes are not all that common in social media. Wheelchair women appear on-screen as frail pitied little cripples. Sure there are gimp porn wheelchair fetish and trashy disability sex images. Sadly, beautiful glamour wheelchair girls are far less common. We plan to change that with beautiful busty wheelchair babes in lingerie with a gorgeous smile. Our beautiful sexy wheelchair babes gallery features hundreds of pretty wheelchair girls. All shapes and sizes. From all around the world. All totally hot, our girls are sure to impress.

Wheelchair Women

Most agree true beauty comes from within. If you have ever experienced love at first sight, you may also agree physical beauty can be a very powerful attractant. Still, each to their own. What one finds visually attractive or physically beautiful another may not. I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of lovely wheelchair women. If you are one, or know of one, add your images to our collection. Help break the stereotype that all wheelchair women are broken. Somehow less than, lacking in beauty and sex appeal.

A Beautiful Disability

A disability can be beautiful as so many of us see beauty in difference. Often impaired bodies are regarded as a subversive source of sensual-ism with intrinsic appeal. An impairment provides a kaleidoscope of beauty beyond those embodied in cultural norms. This aesthetic pride in the impaired body presents as self-confidence. An unashamed ability to display ones disability openly and positively. No longer is the disabled body something to be hidden away. All of our beautiful sexy wheelchair babes, paraplegic babes and or tetraplegic (quadriplegic) babes, have a beautiful attractive quality and quite a few ooze sex appeal. Check out our hot gallery of beautiful sexy wheelchair babes.

Beautiful Sexy Wheelchair Babes

Beautiful sexy wheelchair babes like high heels, jewellery, lingerie, lipstick, perfume and all the things regular women are into. Beautiful sexy wheelchair babes are very sensual women who make fantastic partners. Both in purely sexual and more intimate long term loving relationships. They have a strong desire to be loved cherished and respected as much as any able-bodied woman.

It has been argued that women in wheelchairs from spinal cord injury, such as paraplegics and tetraplegics (quadriplegics) have an even greater need to be seen as whole. They deserve to be appreciated for the beautiful, sensual women they are. Don’t make the mistake of believing the negative stigmas associated with being disabled and using a wheelchair. You will only miss out on meeting some truly incredible women.

Wheelchair Sex Appeal

From a male perspective having a spinal cord injury — quadriplegia — I find my wheelchair often sparks female interest. Thousands of times I’ve heard, “Do you mind me asking what happened?” Not just from little old ladies in the market for a new wheelchair. Beautiful sexy vivacious women ask me too. I am different and quietly confident. It is a quality that many find attractive. You could say my disability is actually an ability. Like a conduit or a kaleidoscope, it raises interest and gives a subject to start talking to me on. That reminds me of a poem by Cheryl Marie Wade.


by Cheryl Marie Wade

I am not one of the physically challenged-
I’m a sock in the eye with gnarled fist
I’m a French kiss with cleft tongue
I’m orthopedic shoes sewn on a last of your fears
I am not one of the differently abled-
I’m an epitaph for a million imperfect babies left untreated
I’m an ikon carved from bones in a mass grave at Tiergarten, Germany
I’m withered legs hidden with a blanket
I am not one of the able disabled-
I’m a black panther with green eyes and scars like a picket fence
I’m pink lace panties teasing a stub of milk white thigh
I’m the Evil Eye
I’m the first cell divided
I’m mud that talks
I’m Eve I’m Kali
I’m The Mountain That Never Moves
I’ve been forever I’ll be here forever
I’m the Gimp
I’m the Cripple
I’m the Crazy Lady
I’m The Woman With Juice

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