Hot Handsome Wheelchair Men

Images of disabled men in sports wheelchairs with bodies of Olympic athletes are common in media. We feature all types in our gallery. From handsome male wheelchair models and muscle men, to the everyday handicapped guy living life in a wheelchair. A broad spectrum of disabled paraplegic and quadriplegic (tetraplegic) guys. with spinal cord injury and disabilities that require use of a wheelchair. We have pictures of wheelchair men from all around the world.

Of all spinal cord injury wheelchair users the majority are male. So it’s odd to find more images of wheelchair women than men on the internet. Far more women in fact than wheelchair men. Perhaps men are shy or embarrassed of their disability. Feeling less masculine some wheelchair men may become more insecure than wheelchair women. If you are attracted to men in wheelchairs, or have images to upload, this gallery is for you.

Hot Handsome Wheelchair Men Gallery

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Following many requests to provide image galleries of wheelchair men this is your chance guys. Register and upload your photos of wheelchair men to our gallery area. While we do accept images of an adult, R rated nature, we cannot show them here.

In putting this collection together I began to notice a common theme among the images. There is a strength in each, a self confidence you might not expect to find in someone with a disability. Being a quadriplegic myself I know that confidence is not always present nor easy to show when it is. I have long found quiet confidence an attractive quality and hope in connecting with these images you can appreciate it too.

If you have never considered a relationship with a guy in a wheelchair give it some thought. There are some really awesome guys in wheelchairs out there. Women tell me their biggest issue in dating a wheelie is not wanting to be their nurse, which is great, because most wheelchair men don’t want you to be their nurse either. Wheelchair men are strong loyal compassionate lovers who look for the same qualities in a life partner.

29 thoughts on “Hot Handsome Wheelchair Men

  1. Hey, if you want a sexy paraplegic – there you have it! Hot from Israel!
    This is from a fashion show we did, called Disabled and Sexy :)

  2. Thanks Iddo! If you register you can create a gallery and upload groups of photos, if that is easier. I can add them to the gallery or you can write a page of your own.

  3. Graham

    Sorry, but you have an error. Picture number #97 “wheelchair guy with multiple sclerosis”. This young mans name is Toby Woodman and he has cerebal palsy, not ms.

    Other than that, am loving your website, being in a fairly new relationship with a paraplegic I am getting some very useful insights.

  4. Wow! There is some fine eye candy wheelie men out there in the world! I am seriously wanting to connect on a more deeper level with a man I know with an SCI. He is sexy as hell! A kiss from him has me like liquid butter I tell ya! He is 47 gainfully employed and has a swagger (yes, in a wheelchair) like no one I know walking!! He is funny and knows how to treat a lady. I am taking it slow as I want to be certain that we are on the same page. He is a “chick magnet” and I didn’t notice before as I was in a LTR with another man at the time I first was introduced to him. That being over I have not been in a serious relationship since and along comes Mr. Suave’ himself. Just thinking about him gives me goosebumps. I could see myself being doing all the dirty, not-sexy-at-all stuff as well as the can we try this position honey? with him and being very, very happy. Thank you for the pic gallery and your website!

  5. At home relaxing / For anyone that has any questions about dating a guy in a wheelchair feel free to email me back at [removed]. I’m paralyzed from T9 on down.

  6. An active guy in New York City! Had a Spinal Cord Injury. Like to drive my hand controlled van, socialize, meet new friends, teach college students, see my family outside of NYC, travel, and sometimes just relax at home with a friend or alone. Add your own photos if you would like to ‘New York City Guys in Wheelchairs In and Out of Town’ or ‘Hot Handsome Wheelchair Men Gallery’ It would be my pleasure to meet you through ‘facebook’ so hit me up as a ‘request’ at [removed by admin – personal contact info not allowed]

  7. Hello there to the administrators of this site. I think this is a great website! I’m so happy I found it! Sorry about the fact that I put a personal email address and website in a comment and post. When I saw the tab ‘insert a link’ I thought it was okay. I’m new to this site and I’m now realizing how to use it better. It’s a good way to communicate with others! I did read something about revealing an email address or not. Is there a way people can share information using personal emails or websites in a beneficial way? Thanks…Chris

  8. Hi Chris, my name is Graham one of the administrators. Thankyou for being a part of our community. We don’t allow posting of personal contact information anywhere on our website for your safety and ours. Our members security and privacy is something we take very seriously.

    The more you participate the more access you gain. You have already attained contributor status, congratulations! A great place to introduce yourself to others is our forum. I look forward to seeing you there.

  9. my boyfriend is in a wheelchair, and I love him to pieces. Not to mention he is extreeemely good looking. and on top of that he has a personality to die for. Every where he goes he makes friends. Hard not to love that man!

  10. i’m a loud-n-proud *phys-chall u.s.m.c. veteran (enlisted)…this *designation means that i’m an un-licensed, un-insured, un-regulated, un-limited, un-inhibited, un-leashed; un-controllable wheelchair-pilot! i am an advocate for veterans/civilians w/disabilities; a member of the disability link. i am a (ga) state certified peer supporter.

    i wouldn’t say that i have a ‘sparkling personality’, over-flowing with constant a$$-kissing compliments, but i’m told that i’m warm, i’m personable; that i have a very good (sometimes naughty!) sense of humor. i’m relatively well-spoken, in fact i’m experienced; quite comfortable with public speaking. i’m a ‘full-grown nerd’ which means that i’m still somewhat of a ‘book-worm’, although now most of my reading consists of informational material, i.e. periodicals, how-to’s. my ‘pleasure reading’ usually consists of biographies. i like to read about other people’s lives, often-times how they have dealt with life’s adversities. this is one way that i put in time on improving myself.

    what i’ve learned, in a nutshell, is that most women want a good man to appreciate; treat them decently, as a person, a lady; a woman. no lies, no head trips, no irresponsible or immature behavior. speaking for myself, i am a good man!

    one of my most basic guides for my life is that i try to approach; respond to people the way that i would like to be treated. my integrity is one of my most valued qualities. i’m informal; laid-back, but i always try to conduct myself as a gentleman…after all i am a former boy scout and u.s. marine!(lol)

    i’m honest; forthright, respectful, considerate, sensitive, compassionate; spiritually grounded. i’m neither prude nor saint. i’m not in church every sunday, but i do have a fairly decent moral character…you could say that i’m an angel w/a dirty face. ;-d(lol).

  11. Dear Install24,
    What are questions I should or should not ask on a date with a guy in a wheelchair. A coupe years ago I met a guy online who was in a wheelchair. He never wanted to discuss his chair and we never met. I just need to know how to handle the situation if it ever comes up again.

  12. Neat, we have written and published the ultimate guide to dating paraplegics and other wheelchair users. It’s full of good advice and explanations. See the Hot Topics section at the bottom of this page. You can ask questions there or in our forum.

  13. Pablo, really like your photo and would like to learn more about you. Do you swim competitively?

  14. Hi! Friends good to see u . T i think there should be some matrimonial service for the wheeler s who want to marry ,,, is`nt it?

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