We support and promote the concept of beauty in disability. While the girls at Para Cuties are certainly beautiful their intent is not yet clear. Are they pro disability and wheelchair beauty or another wheelchair porn site. No nudity appears on the Para Cuties website thus far publicly, and so for now, this post stands. You can all make up your own mind and tell us what you think. Please note we are in no way affiliated with ParaCuties.com. The Para Cuties website claims;

The service that it is dedicated to provide to its customers is in the area of the wheelchair fetishes. Although this fetish holds an insignificant market share in the world wide blue movie industry, our dedicated team has taken the task of fulfilling the needs of the consumers that have interests and want to experience something totally different to fulfill their utmost desires. — Para Cuties Production and Editing teams.

Para Cuties model Natalie wakes up in the morning. She dresses herself up, and when she reaches to get on her wheelchair, she falls down on the floor. In this series she tries to show how paraplegic wheelchair users struggle with some of the most simple tasks of the day.

In this series Natalie from Para Cuties shows how a girl in her condition copes with the everyday chores around the house and her desires to still be seen as a sexy wheelchair beauty and all woman.

Natalie is lying on the couch in her bedroom having a glass of wine and browsing through a home design magazine thinking of how she is to decorate her new apartment. Having looked though the magazine paraplegic Natalie transfers into her wheelchair and goes to a small table next to the bedroom door where she sees a dinner invitation card from an old friend.

After she sees the invitation she wheels into her wardrobe from where she takes out one of her designer dresses, which she decides to wear for the occasion, along with a few pairs of shoes that will suit the dress. She then goes to her bed in order to change for her date. She puts on the dress with difficulty after which she goes to her living room to decide which shoes would go best with it.

She tries a few pairs of shoes on, constantly going back and forth to the mirror to see if they look good with her dress she takes out her ladies bag and goes out of her bedroom.

Natalie and her boyfriend come back to their new apartment from the local park. They see that life doesn’t finish just because she has become a paraplegic, due to her tragic car accident a few months ago. We get to see how people in this condition handle the difficulties of day to day life. Natalie shows how she now handles doing day to day activities as a paraplegic; washing, taking a shower and changing into different outfits.


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