Live Chat

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  • Wheelchair Users Live Chat window failed to load?
    Close all other browser windows and tabs then press Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard. Delete your cookies and cache or try a different browser.
  • Who is online?
    Who is online is listed on the left. The latest post is at the bottom of chat window.
  • Who is Guest_###?
    Probably you, it is the default name with a random number for non-registered visitors.
  • Can I use my own name?
    Yes, create an account and login to use your own name.
  • Must I be a wheelchair user?
    No, we have an active community of disabled and non-disabled who visit the chat room frequently, all are welcome.
  • Nobody answered me, hello?
    Please be patient and wait up to 20 minutes for a reply or bookmark this page and return later.
  • I want sex can you hook me up?
    No, this is not that kind of chat room, you will be banned.
  • What should I not post?
    Do not post personal information: phone numbers, postal address, email address, facebook skype or messenger links, links to rival websites, threatening, disruptive, sexually explicit, hateful, abusive, or misleading content.