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Hot Wheelchair Babes

If beautiful wheelchair babes tick all the boxes check out these lovely busty wheelchair jockeys. Hot models in hot wheelchairs. Did someone say Photoshop? Well it's all just a bit off fun anyway, isn't it. If you take heart meds you better dose up first.

Heart Attack Grill

A sexy waitress in skin tight nurse outfit serves quadruple bypass burgers at the Heart Attack Grill. Consume the massive burger and score a nurse powered wheelchair ride to your car. Full sugar Coke-a-Cola and flatliner fries feature on the hospital themed restaurants heart stopping menu.

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  1. I looked all over your sight and read many of the formum comments. My wife and I both have MS but are still sexually active. She is considering a SPC but I am hesitant because the thought of a plastic tube in there worries me. We tried it once with an IDC and soon had to quit without success. Would the SPC be any different? It felt like banging against the garage door.

  2. Hi AJ, how does your wife feel about being compared to a garage door? A catheter will become an essential part of her ongoing health and well being. As it will yours in time. When an IDC is annoying during sex an SPC can prove beneficial but I suggest you try the IDC more than once and experiment. Buy your wife some nice lingerie and use a lubricant like k-y jelly. Typically a supra pubic catheter does give opportunity for a more natural sex life.

  3. Hi Lorie, register or login and click “Add New Gallery” type in a name and click “Add Gallery” then “Upload Images” You can upoad a single image or groups of images to your gallery.

    For single (or a few) pictures just use the “Add an image” feature below and tell us what gallery you want it in.

  4. Superior Website Graham shamefully wrong location lol

    I don’t understand why some people are so naffin morbid, they say your in a wheelchair and life has challenged you, so I say get a grip grab hold and go for it, notthing is impossible it just means you have to work at it to gain it, I do…

    thanks for this

  5. Hi yes my self and my parter do handcycling in Ireland :) Its great fun and we travel all over the little island doing it , but very hard to buy bikes here :( mores the pity

  6. That’s awesome if you haven’t heard about CAF challenged athletes foundation you may be able to qualify for a grant I just got it for 1,250 and I put the rest, my bike is exactly like the one in the pic I’m Chicago and I handcycle along the lake shore unfortunately season is now over so we do indoor is fun too can’t wait for next summer, my injury is t12 incomplete are you able body? Or you’re partner?

  7. Hi Moondog :)
    Thanks for the information , hard to get any sort off a grand over here . I was born missing a knee ( photo )and two half hips , I have had over 300 operations so far including leg lengthening , pins , rods , plates ,hips replacements ect , I do some handcycling but as i live on €202 a week and half off that goes to rent and a child to support affording a bike is never going to happen for me . Partner is a t5/6 complete and also dose handcycling has a bike like yours and plays wheelchair basketball , alas i cant with my leg in the way all the time , I have crutches , cane and my wheelchair for the bad days (more often now-a-days) . I do a lot off the bike maintenance as i love to tinker with machines .
    Iris :)

  8. Hi Moondog, thanks for the post and information. My fiance is interested in learning more about this. We are in Ohio so we will do some research. Prices are so high for these but we have the winter to research and learn more.

    Enjoy the lakeshore.. one of my favorite cities :)

  9. Hi Amanda, thanks am doing indoor training now specially for willis tower climb check it out its awesome, about the handcycles try sportabilities classifies you find really good ones there even the ones for competition entry level, but if you just want to stay fit an active you can also find good bikes also craigslist and ebay.

  10. Moondog, the Willis Tower Climb will be so awesome! Do you have a general idea of how many are participating in the stationary bike/handcycle category? If you get a chance click some pics for the site please. I will check out some of the sites you suggested and see what we come up with :) Thank you for the information.

  11. Hye ye two :) Mr won bronze yesterday , plus “most improved para-cyclist off the year ” (white jersey ) in the league TT’s He is really chuffed :D He is doing on average an hour and a half on turbo-trainer indoors every day and also dose half marathons and Time Trials as well as cycling with local clubs Top of photo is bike he was now and bottom part is the one he is looking to get early next year :)

  12. Hi Iris staying as active as possible is the best for us don’t matter if your not on a team really you don’t have to, the rx bike is awesome!! I want my to be white and I was most improved athlete of the year too I just got my award i was at the ceremony not expecting it wow surprise! Good luck i really hope he can get that black bike makes a great difference but the motor is also one of the most important.

  13. Amanda, the cycling team has about 35 and most of us are doing it most definitely ill take pictures check out willis tower clime up and check last years pics as well as times there is two jose A im the one with the better time haha for real this year has to be better.

  14. Wow, Moondog, that is so sharp! Very cool but what a price tag :)

    I hope all is going well getting ready for the Willis climb on the 3rd.

    I have several family members in Chicago who are marathoners. I should send them along in solidarity :) Keep me posted.

  15. Thanks, Amanda most definitely send them we love to see who comes to support its a great feeling, I did a marathon in Florida the music marathon all along the 26.2 people with instruments even on the bridge felt so goo on top a piano after all that effort hearing the melody of unknown supporter rock bands, jazz, it was amazing I said to my self wow they here for me actually us all on the race, sorry out of topic yes they will be welcome, my name is Jose Alejandre.

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