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One third of the population has or cares for someone with a disability. We promote disability adventure for wheelchair users and provide support information to family and friends impacted by spinal cord injury paraplegia and quadriplegia. Register and say hello. Share your story pictures and experience with our friendly community and get the answers you’ve been looking for.

Stop Forum Spam

Stop phpBB3 Forum Spam

Stop phpBB3 forum spam using a custom profile field. It’s simple, no spam user registrations = no spam posts. Here I share a very simple effective industry insiders secret to block phpBB3 forum spam user registration. So let’s get to it.

Portfolio – MSC Website Design

MSC Web Design Portfolio – Creative people build creative web sites. We design and create a diverse range of websites from simple HTML to customized CMS (Content Management Systems) storefronts and ecommerce web sites backed by databases and merchant accounts. Our vast range of skills are backed by solid technical knowledge and experience. Our pricing is flexible. We quote by the hour or per project so simply give us an outline and we’ll give you an estimate upfront. A single page or secure online store we do it all.

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Improving SEO with a valid XML Sitemap

Build an XML sitemap quickly and easily with Google Webmaster Tools Python script. You don’t need to know XML or Python code to get your website indexed correctly and make it more search engine friendly. Here I’ll show you how to modify, setup and run these files to create your own XML Sitemap.

Publishing a New Dreamweaver Website

Simple steps to upload or publish your Dreamweaver web site to your host web space. When uploading or publishing website files for the first time with Dreamweaver we need to ‘Define’ where you want to ‘Put’ your local and remote files…