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Updates to our Mad Spaz Club website and helpful info on using it as well as cool resources for webmasters and a portfolio of our designs.

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Website Help and Updates

Mad Spaz Club wheelchair welcome icon copyright streetsie.comWelcome to the Mad Spaz Club website where all the cool wheelchair people hang out. Please report bugs, make feature requests, post complaints and general feedback in the comment section below. We are constantly improving the Mad Spaz Club website to make your visit a safe enjoyable one. Simply register an account to access all our features.

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11 February 2014 Extra Chat Features and Author Pages

We have made adjustments to our live chat to reward our loyal members including; online user list country flags, message window refreshes every 3 seconds (was 4), 500 characters per message max (was 400), anyone with contributor status (has written an article for us) can access moderation tools and initiate private chat windows, and we un-banned several words eg. viagra sex vagina ejaculation. We do allow discussions about sex as long as it is not offending anyone. You can now also read more about an article author by clicking on their name at the end of an article.

8 September 2013 Chat and Gallery Upgrades

Has it really been a year? We have made many improvements site-wide and helped hundreds if not thousands of people living with spinal cord injury. Major upgrades were recently made to our Live Chat feature after a conflict arose with the gallery. The gallery problem is an external scripting one out of our control so we are seeking a new gallery solution. A big thank-you to all our supporters and helpful members assistance over the last twelve months. I will try to post more updates here before another year passes us by.

12 Sept 2012 Amended Registration Agreement

Added “Wheelchair Dating” and “Artworks” forums, opened quick reply feature, upgraded versions and made minor layout adjustments. Amended registration agreement to include; “POST SOMETHING. The more you post the more access and privileges you are given. Members with 0 posts are given a rank of “Voyeur, one who spies on another’s private moments.” As we respect and protect our active members privacy, members with 0 posts are often deleted. To avoid this please make a post.”

11 June 2012 Forum Upgrades

Our forum has been updated to the latest stable version. We also added new avatars, a disability field to profiles, and enabled a “quick reply” feature on all posts. The disability chat room refresh rate has been bumped from 6 to 7 seconds to reduce server load and make it more stable when busy.

13 Mar 2012 Theme Updated

75% of people viewing our website use Internet Explorer. Updating our theme to display correctly in IE and the top 5 browsers is a never ending process. We rolled out several cross-browser fixes bringing our theme upto date today. Let us know if you have any problems viewing our website.

1 Oct 2011 Memberships Increase

600 images were added to our galleries during september. We wish to extend a warm thankyou to all who uploaded and the regulars who assisted new members and visitors during Graham’s absence. We’ve seen memberships steadily increase on our forum. The live chat area has been busy and our most prolific member there Deb has been promoted to a chat Admin. We greatly value all our members and appreciate your continued support.

27 Aug 2011 Article Submission Form Added

Website updates this month saw our article submission form go live to the public. I hope by making it easy, it will prove popular, as I love to read all your stories and experiences. Adding a math quiz to our member registration form cut down spam allowing me more time to work on Mad Spaz Club articles. While there have been several background improvements made the only other noteworthy mention is that over 300 images were added to our image galleries this month. Thank-you all for your continued support.

6 July 2011 JPG Image Upload on C omment Form

We have added the optional ability to upload an image along with your comment. We hope this enhancement makes it easier to share photos and interact with your fellow members here at the Mad Spaz Club.

20 June 2011 Upgraded Gallery Features

Thank-you to all our members who submitted photos to our galleries this month. Nearly 300 images in total. In appreciation we have added new features allowing you greater control over descriptions and how images are displayed. Any registered member can create a gallery and upload images, here’s a step-by-step how to.

  1. In your profile> Gallery> Add Gallery/Images
  2. Click “Add new gallery” tab
  3. Type in your gallery name
  4. Click “Add Gallery” button
  5. Click “Upload Images” tab
  6. Select your gallery name from the “chose galley” drop down
  7. “Browse” to and add your images, you’ll see them listed below the Browse box
  8. When you’re ready click “Upload images” give it time to process and create thumbnails
  9. Then you can add descriptions, alt and title tags, adjust your thumbnails etc.

1 June 2011 New Comment Notification Design

Our exciting new HTML comment notification design was launched today. Simplistic and sleek, if you comment on our website and leave the “Notify me of new comments on this page” box checked you will receive a visually stunning thank-you email notice on your first-time comment and an email notification everytime a new comment is posted on the page you are subscribed to. All MSC notification email includes links to opt-in/out of our services. We hope you enjoy this improvement.

1 May 2011 Reinstated Disability Forums

A flashback to the heady days when websites were built around forums. We get quite a few requests for forums and so after an extensive overhaul the forums we began in 2003 are back with retro flair. Some images and SP posts were not retrievable and we are working on bringing it into line with our one login for all website features policy but it’s up and running with a new “Personals” section so register and post your profiles.

29 Mar 2011 Bluce Ice Theme New Default

We will be rolling out our Blue Ice theme this week. Those resistant to change will still be able to revert to our Ruby theme with our theme switcher for a limited time. Blue Ice is the new default theme. Why? Features; Less clutter to find what you’re looking for faster. Quicker loading pages. Lightweight sub pages. Upgraded security. Easy to read fonts. Footer includes hot topic lists and quick contact form.

4 Mar 2011 Building Blue Ice Website Theme

We are developing a new black blue and white disability friendly theme with simplicity in mind. Soon you can find what you are looking for faster. But you don’t have to cross your legs and wait, use our Theme Switcher and check Blue Ice out now! Be sure to tell us what you think.

28 Feb 2011 Visit Our New Live Chat Area

We promote disability adventure and publish personal stories from wheelchair users and other people living with and caring for people with disabilities. We share knowledge and experience providing information and support to those impacted by spinal cord injury and all that wheelchair life involves.

Get Published

Your story could bring comfort to many. We love to hear from wheelchair users and people living with paraplegia quadriplegia and spinal cord injury as equally from anyone who’s life has been impacted by disability. We want to publish your story, if you are willing to share your story tell us briefly in a comment or our live chat area and we will contact you.

Our Gallery

To upload pictures and share with us you must have a registered account. Your images will not appear until they are approved by an admin. You may also upload images in our forum once registered, these will appear immediately. Visit our live chat area to request an account or higher access to advanced features. Anyone found abusing fellow members or our services will be dealt with severely. We reserve the right to delete any account and services without notice.

Create Your Account

We have taken steps to block spammers but allow legitimate users to still register an account with us. If you have any problems registering simply post or comment here or drop by our new live chat area and we’ll do our best to help you. Admin’s can create accounts and answer any questions about uploading images and publishing articles.

We apologize for having to delete previously registered member accounts and any inconvenience that may have caused. We take your security very seriously and take any action we feel necessary to safe guard you and your privacy. No accounts were compromised, we only deleted previous member accounts as a precaution.

Contacting Us

Other than our live disability chat and comment areas we offer a contact form at the bottom of our home page. We encourage you to ask and be answered in article comment areas so others can read learn and offer answers. We make it easy to post a question, comment or have your story published. So get cracking, shake off that granny blanket and show the ability in disability.

Many people don’t realize a spinal cord injury not only affects the person living in a wheelchair, their immediate family friends and loved ones lives are also affected. Relatives, work colleagues, even your local doctor becomes involved in one way or another. Did you know one third of the population has or cares for someone with a disability.

Stop Forum Spam

Stop phpBB3 Forum Spam

I’m about to show you how to stop phpBB3 forum spam without using CAPTCHA, math equations, filters, 3rd party API or RBL databases, email ip or bad word lists. Yes we tried them all. While they have their purpose newly created spammer email accounts still get through.

Here I share with you a very simple yet effective industry insiders secret to stop phpBB3 forum spam user registrations using a custom profile field. It’s quite simple, no spam user registrations = no spam posts. So let’s get to it.

Within phpBB3 Administration Panel

Users And Groups> Custom profile fields> Type “antispam” in the field> Select “Numbers” from the dropdown box> Click the “Create new field” button.

Stop phpBB3 Forum Spam

Stop phpBB3 Forum Spam

Add profile field

Field type: Numbers
Field identification: antispam
Publicly display profile field: No

Visibility options

Display in user control panel: No
Display on registration screen: Yes
Display on viewtopic screen: No
Required field: Yes
Show field if no value was selected: No
Hide profile field: Yes

Language specific options

Field name/title presented to user: Confirmation
Field Description: This box must contain the number 4 only

Click: Profile type specific options

Length of input box: 4
Lowest allowed number: 4
Highest allowed number: 4
Default value: 4321

Want to see it in action?

You may find after updating your phpBB3 version some spam gets through. Simply repeat the above to create a new custom profile field using a different name and number then delete the old custom profile field. Enjoy all the free time you now have.

Portfolio – MSC Website Design

Creative people build creative web sites. MSC Website Design and creation covers a diverse range of websites from simple HTML to customized CMS (Content Management Systems) storefronts and ecommerce web sites backed by databases and merchant accounts.

We build new or update existing web sites and convert between formats if you need to move hosts. We also provide statistics, maintenance schedules and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. We have been creating web sites for over twenty years utilizing all the leading edge programs.

If you prefer total creative control we set up and install any application for you and hand you the keys. Applications such as powerful blogs WordPress and Movable Type. Social forums phpBB and Simple Machines. Easy to use photo galleries Gallery3, Coppermine and ZenPhoto. All in one content management systems Joomla, Drupal and phpFusion. Ecommerce and storefronts Zencart and osCommerce. Statistic tracking programs like Awstats and WebStats. Just to name a few.

Our vast range of skills are backed by solid technical knowledge and experience. Our pricing is flexible. We quote by the hour or per project so simply give us an outline and we’ll give you an estimate upfront. A single page or secure online store we do it all.

Kind Regards
Graham Streets
MSC Founder

Below are a few samples of web sites we have built for clients.

[nggallery id=5]

disability support pension inflow and unemployment rates

Improving SEO with a valid XML Sitemap

Google Webmaster Tools offers a Python script to help you build an XML Sitemap quickly. You don’t need to know XML or Python code to get your website indexed correctly. A valid XML sitemap also makes your website more search engine friendly.

Here I’ll show you how to modify, setup and run these files to create your XML Sitemap. I will be using Powweb as the host in this example. We need two files, config.xml and the python script which creates our actual sitemap.xml Please download the latest from here: Unzip and r-click on example_config.xml and open with Frontpage, Dreamweaver, or any XML editor.

Let’s only edit what we need to get it running for now. Locate the site nodes, that is the first instance of this code:

<site base_url=

Change the base_url to suit your website. The store_into=”/path/file.xml” can end in .xml or .xml.gz Your host can tell you your DocumentRoot path. For Powweb hosted people you will find your DocumentRoot path in OPS> Services> Overview. It should look something like this:


Okay, scroll down and locate the input nodes:

<url href=”” />

Remove the

<!– and the –>

to enable the code. Change the domain to yours leaving /stats?q=name and /stats?q=age at the end. I update this site about once a week and gave it a priority of 0.5 as follows:

<url href=”” />

Now scroll down a little further and locate the directory nodes:

<directory path=”/var/www/icons” url=”” />

Here again we remove the

<!– and the –>

to enable the code. Insert your DocumentRoot path and domain name URL. Use whatever your default homepage is eg index.php or home.html and I change remove_empty_directories to false like this:

<directory path=”/home/users/web/b1234/pow.user/htdocs/” url=”” />

That’s all the editing you need do for now. You can play with the other nodes and options later. Save your file as config.xml and upload it along with?the python script into your host?root folder. For Powweb users that means inside your htdocs folder. At Powweb now goto OPS> Services> Site Tools> Scheduled Jobs. Here we run the script and can set a cronjob to update the Sitemap. In “Add New Job” click the radio button for “Command to run” and enter this command line using your details:

python /home/users/web/b1234/pow.user/htdocs/ –config=/home/users/web/b1234/pow.user/htdocs/config.xml

This should all be on one line with a space only between “python /home” and “ –config=” Set the “Run this job” option to weekly and select on: minute 1 of: 11pm on: Sundays. Click “Schedule this Job” Give it a minute to walk through the directory listing and you should start to see the output results in the Command output window. Check the output for errors. A sitemap.xml file should have now been created and reside in your htdocs folder.

The Python script automatically informs Google of your new sitemap. The cronjob will fire the Google Sitemap Python script every week updating your sitemap.xml automatically. Wasn’t so hard now was it. See how clever you are?

Written by
Croc Hunter

Publishing a New Dreamweaver Website

You’ve made your website in Dreamweaver and want to upload or publish it to your host webspace. When uploading or publishing your web page files for the first time with Dreamweaver you first need to ‘Define’ where you want to ‘Put’ your local and remote files. In this example we use PowWeb as our host and Dreamweaver MX 2004 screenshots. Open Dreamweaver and Click on Sites> Edit Sites (or New Site) It may also be called “Manage Sites” or “Define Site.”

Edit Site

Edit Site

1) In the Edit Site box click on the Edit (or New) button.

Add a Site Name

Add a Site Name

2) Enter a name for your site — click Next

No Server Tech

No Server Tech

3) Tick “No, I do not want to use a server technology” — click Next

Local Files

Local Files

4) Tick “Edit local copies on my machine, then upload to server when ready” You can set a folder to store a local copy of your website files here, or leave the default — click Next

FTP Info

FTP Info

5) For “How do you connect to your remote server?” chose “FTP”
For “What is the hostname or FTP address of your Web server” type in:
For “What folder on your server do you want to store your files in?” type in: htdocs
If you want to publish to a sub directory use: htdocs/foldername
Type your FTP username and password in and Tick “Save”
Test your connection — click Next

Check In

Check In

6) Tick “No, do not enable check in and check out” — click Next

Check Info

Check Info

7) Double check all of your information.

Passive Mode

Passive Mode

8) Click the Advanced tab> Remote Info> tick “Use passive FTP” — click OK

Edit Local

Edit Local

9) In the Edit Site box — click Done. Next we need to be sure your home page is named index when we publish to PowWeb. Locate your home page in the main window and click File> Save As> type in index.htm or index.html and make sure it is saving to the local folder we set earlier. Now you can connect to the server and upload or publish your Dreamweaver web site.

Remote Site

Remote Site

10) Click Window> Site> to open the Site panel

11) Click the “Connect to remote server” button —

12) Select all your website files and click the “Put” button —


If you are asked “Include Dependent files?” click Yes. Dependent files are usually images and JSP class files. If at anytime you need to change the details for your remote server click Sites> Edit Sites> select the site and click Edit, to add another remote server to publish to click New. Do not use special characters (such as “,*, or $) or punctuation, such as colons, slashes, or periods, in the names of files you intend to put on a remote or testing server.

Now go and check out your new Dreamweaver website!! Enjoy.

Written by
Croc Hunter

Dumping Windows XP Cache

How to delete Windows Xp cache and remove temporary internet files that Disk Cleanup fails to. This is a good maintainece practice. Dumping your internet cache files completely in Windows XP or any Windows version from 98 to Windows 7 can increase performance, free up disc space and prevent people from tracking you on the internet via old cookies stored on your system.

1) Close all Programs

2) Run Disk Cleanup: Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup

That doesn’t clean them all out though. Let’s repeat those two steps now and I’ll show you all the stuff it missed and we’ll proceed to fully dump that pesky windows cache:

1) Close all Programs

2) Run Disk Cleanup: Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup

3) Click once to highlight ‘Temporary Internet Files’

4) Click ‘View Files’ button

5) Delete all the files and folders you see there (disk cleanup failed to delete these).


New ‘clean’ folders and files will be generated the next time you open Internet Explorer. You can delete all .ini files, if you cannot delete the index.dat file that’s ok. If you can’t fully delete all folders/files you may have Yahoo or MSN messenger or some other progam still running. Try closing everything you can in your tool tray (where the clock is). You may also search for and delete the contents of these folders:

/my recent documents

While we’re at it let’s flush the DNS cache by command line:

1) Start> Run> type in: ipconfig /flushdns

2) Click OK After performing the above I recomend you defragment your drive and create a restore point:

1) Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter

2) Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore

Repeat Monthly.

Graham Streets
MSC Founder

WYSIWYG Website Builders

WYSIWYG (pronounced “whizzy-wig”) A website building application that enables you to see content on-screen exactly as it will appear when uploaded to the internet or printed out, hence What You See Is What You Get. The market for WYSIWYG editors is blazing new territory. Rival companies fuel the fires creating sophisticated, feature packed, powerful applications time after time. Back end capabilities through an intuitive interface means your Mama could build a sleek visually stunning commercial website packed with multimedia and features. That will leave you free to play golf. Let’s take a look at some of the contenders.


Mocked by many but the truth is Microsoft was one of the innovators of WYSIWYG development. Certainly unattractive themes, obscure Java Script and garbled output code didn’t help the fledgling. However these days after hosing the spot fires FP manages to keep a foothold in the market. With a user friendly interface it’s a handy tool for those oblivious to clean code and novice’s alike. Features: Java Script, is easy to learn with a comprehensive help section, code view, image maps, live FTP, and guest books. To use the more dynamic features of FP your server most provide FrontPage extensions. Still the code weighs heavy on page load times and CSS is unpredictable. Mama says: FORE!!


At $399US it hits FrontPage out of the ballpark. Features: Java Script, action scripting, code viewer and live FTP (where it to can upload only changed files to the server). It boasts a unique ‘clean up your code’ option and inserts no proprietary tags. Supports CSS and offers Flash based navigation bars. The interface is not the easiest to become familiar with like any Macromedia product. But learn one and you’ll learn them all. DW’s full power is released in a bundle package like Studio MX $1415US. Which includes stable mates: Flash, Fireworks, FreeHand and ColdFusion. These applications working together are leading the industry. Their rock solid products are the choice of many and will make you a webmaster overnight, well.. maybe in a week or so. Mama says: Book a lesson with Tiger.


For $199US if your Mama can’t afford Studio MX don’t sell your golf clubs. This baby rivals Dreamweaver for a quarter of the price. NOF is very user friendly. Features: Java Script, action scripting, code view, live FTP, inbuilt gallery, e-commerce shopping cart, message board, slide shows and much more. This is my preferred WYSIWYG tool. This program offers many inbuilt styles and templates building your new site structure in two clicks. Utilizing layout regions a change on one page can apply to all pages across your site. Sadly the competition got a bit to hot for the chiefs at Net Objects Fusion in 2001. They shut the doors sold off production and retreated to Belgium, or somewhere with a large bank. The product is still supported by a band of diehard whizzy-wiggers and support forum. Mama says: A hole in one.


Costing $399US it’s not necessary but helps to know a little HTML to reap full benefit of Abobe GoLive and the interface is not the easiest to master. The CSS editor can quickly apply site wide changes. Broken links are reported instantly. An XML validator will keep you W3C compliant. It includes Co Author to make updating your site easy and ‘Smart Object’ tools call the mighty Photoshop into play. psd files may be imported and converted to formatted HTML. It uses the ImageReady engine to optimize images in-house. This makes GoLive the cutting edge in SVG support. Additionally it sports a nifty QuickTime movie editor. Features: Java Script, action scripting, dHTML, XML, code view, spell checker, many templates, snap grid, split view, HTML to XHTML converter for mobiles devices. Mama says: Expensive clubs won’t fix your swing.


Mama’s gonna’ pimp your booty to the street? There are free WYSIWYG programs like Trellian with 640 800 and 1024 resolution viewer, code highlighting and FTP. Also WebDwarf packing code view, SVG support for vector image editing, linear shade and transparency rendering, snap grids, spell checker, FTP and no spyware are worth a look. My pick of the free editors is NVU – Kompozer, suitable for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users. Development of NVU (which stands for “new view”) has been renamed and carried on as Kompozer. It can build an unlimited number of pages, supports forms, tables and templates, has inbuilt FTP and is open source.

It’s no wonder these programs are sparking interest amongst their piers. Lightweight in size but don’t be fooled. In the hands of a pro or novice they can quickly and easily make a single webpage or complete website in no time at all. The Simplistic user-friendly interface hides a reasonably clean coding processor. Enticing you to buy their respective big brothers. Mama says: Close to the green.

So you want to become a whizzy-wigger and don’t know which to choose. The answer is easy, anyone of the above. WYSIWYG programs are simply a fast and easy way to get the concept in your head onto the internet for all to enjoy. A good website begins with a good concept. Exploring the possibilities in any of the above programs will have you grinding your teeth one minute and doing the happy dance the next. Using the inbuilt FTP client uploading your new website creation to the World Wide Web is a breeze. So tee up, and we’ll see you in the clubhouse.

Written by
Croc Hunter



FTP file types and extensions to be uploaded in ASCII mode. When FTP uploading or publishing files to the internet they need to be transferred in the correct mode to display properly. ASCII (pronounced Ask-ee) stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII files are plain text files usually created in a basic text editor like Notepad or Simpletext.

ASCII mode transfers each text character as an exact duplicate of the original file. Binary transfer mode is required for any images. In Binary mode the image file is translated to appear on the server as it does locally. Most FTP File Transfer Protocol programs such as WsFTP, FileZilla and SmartFTP allow you to set an ASCII file extensions list. You can then turn ‘Auto’ on and the program will switch between ASCII and Binary modes ensuring each file in a group of files is uploaded in the correct format or mode according to their extension.

Any “Dotfiles” not on our list where the filename begins with a dot eg: .htaccess should also be uploaded in ASCII mode no matter which FTP client you are using. The following is a list of file extensions appearing in alphabetical order that should be uploaded by FTP in ASCII mode.

  • .ajx
  • .am
  • .asa
  • .asc
  • .asp
  • .aspx
  • .awk
  • .bat
  • .c
  • .cdf
  • .cf
  • .cfg
  • .cfm
  • .cgi
  • .cnf
  • .conf
  • .cpp
  • .css
  • .csv
  • .ctl
  • .dat
  • .dhtml
  • .diz
  • .file
  • .forward
  • .grp
  • .h
  • .hpp
  • .hqx
  • .hta
  • .htaccess
  • .htc
  • .htm
  • .html
  • .htpasswd
  • .htt
  • .htx
  • .in
  • .inc
  • .info
  • .ini
  • .ink
  • .java
  • .js
  • .jsp
  • .log
  • .logfile
  • .m3u
  • .m4
  • .m4a
  • .mak
  • .map
  • .model
  • .msg
  • .nfo
  • .nsi
  • .info
  • .old
  • .pas
  • .patch
  • .perl
  • .php
  • .php2
  • .php3
  • .php4
  • .php5
  • .php6
  • .phtml
  • .pix
  • .pl
  • .pm
  • .po
  • .pwd
  • .py
  • .qmail
  • .rb
  • .rbl
  • .rbw
  • .readme
  • .reg
  • .rss
  • .rtf
  • .ruby
  • .session
  • .setup
  • .sh
  • .shtm
  • .shtml
  • .sql
  • .ssh
  • .stm
  • .style
  • .svg
  • .tcl
  • .text
  • .threads
  • .tmpl
  • .tpl
  • .txt
  • .ubb
  • .vbs
  • .xhtml
  • .xml
  • .xrc
  • .xsl

FTP ASCII File List complied by
Graham Streets
MSC Founder

Mirror Reflect Java Art Spa Bikini Babe

Mirror Reflect Java Applet

While some Java Applets such as Java Chat applications and 3D room navigation are still used by webmasters and designers these simple applets are not so common on the net these days. More of a trip down nostalgia lane than anything practical. If these Java Art Applets inspire you to tinker with them yourself simply download our zip file. They contain the necessary class and jar files to speed load time on new browsers, a help readme.txt file with code parameter explanations plus images.

What does this have to do with a bunch of thrill seeking wheelchair guys? Not much other than show quadriplegics appreciate a pretty girl just like any other guy. We have the same attraction, likes and dislikes in the opposite sex or same sex for that matter as we did before spinal cord injury and are still keen to learn and explore all kinds of things.


; Registration code (if you have it) ; Optional URL link ; Reglink opened in new frame ; Statusbar message ; resolution (1 .. 8) ; Image to load ; Waving speed (1..200) ; Perspective (1..100) ; Far waving intensity (1..10000) ; Wind intensity (1..20) ; Wind variation speed (0..200) ; Wind variation min (0..20) ; Wind variation max (0..20) ; Half sized reflect area (“YES”,”NO”) ; Optional image over applet ; Over image X offset ; Over image Y offset ; Memory deallocation delay ; Task priority (1..10) ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java. ; Msg in no java browsers ; Registration code (if you have it) ; Optional URL link ; Reglink opened in new frame ; Statusbar message ; resolution (1 .. 8) ; Image to load ; Waving speed (1..200) ; Perspective (1..100) ; Far waving intensity (1..10000) ; Wind intensity (1..20) ; Wind variation speed (0..200) ; Wind variation min (0..20) ; Wind variation max (0..20) ; Half sized reflect area (“YES”,”NO”) ; Optional image over applet ; Over image X offset ; Over image Y offset ; Memory deallocation delay ; Task priority (1..10) ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java. ; Msg in no java browsers

Download Our Mirror Reflect Bikini Spa Babe Java Applet Files

This is one if my favorite Java Art Applets. I first saw it many years ago reflecting a hot babe in a spa bath, Ah the memory still lingers. It got me interested in how these cool effects were created. So here I offer you my own sexy bikini spa babe version using the AnfyTeam source files with modified code from their original version of a duck on a lake.

The spa babe is one image with the java applet param set to half reflect as you can see the reflection is half the height of the actual image. With our sunset half reflect is set to no so the reflection is the same height as the reflected image. We reduced the waving speeds and layed another gif image with the water area transparent ontop making the boat ramp appear still.

Kelly Brock

Rain Drops Java Applet

This rain drops applet works best if you are looking directly down upon a surface like a fishpond, lake, pool or pudde. In both examples here we layed a top layer gif image over the background so the ripples don’t effect our main subject, a frangipanni and Kelly Brook. One of the more interesting parameters of this rain drops java applet is the option for water or oil. Pehaps we should have put Kelly in a mud bath or oil wrestling ring.


  Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java. ; Message for no java browsers.

Mouse over the images to play in the puddles.

Download Our Rain Drops Java Applet Files

Ewa Sonnet Colorize Silk Shirt

Color Rotator Java Applet

This color rotator java applet works easily with a single image greyscale background as in the classic Holden car example here. Complex photo’s with human subjects become more difficult as the skin tones change making alien green and purples.

We take the beautiful sexy babe Ewa Sonnet and erase her lingerie. Save as a GIF image with the removed lingerie area transparent and configure the java applet parameters to lay the image on top of the background image. The background JPG image fully rotates through the colors while the top GIF layer only allows you to see the lingerie change colors. It may be an optical illusion but Ewa’s lovely curves are %100 real.


Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java. ; Msg in no java browsers  Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java. ; Msg in no java browsers

Download Our Color Rotator Java Applet Files

Wet T-shirt Shower Nadenza

Flozoids Java Applet

These Flozoids java applet panels all work from the same two files we simply changed the code parameters for each to give you an idea of what’s possible. They remind me of fire flies or perhaps angry bees. Again my muse the beautiful female form of our sexy babe Nadezda. I tried to make a practical example, a sexy wet t-shirt shower scene but it didn’t work as well as I hoped. Mouse over the java applet to make the flozoids follow your mouse pointer. Mouse over is set to no on the Nadezda image.


; Registration code (if you have it); Optional URL link when the applet is “clicked”.; Reglink opened in new frame?; Name of new frame for reglink; Statusbar message; Number of flozoids; Distance allowed between flozoids; Tendency of flozoids moving toward center; Acceleration of flozoids; Speed of flozoids; Side bouncing factor; Flozoids have heads? (“YES”, “NO”); Interactive mode (“YES”, “NO”); Flozoids go over text? (“YES”, “NO”); Background image (it’s name or “NO”); Background colour (red component); Background colour (green component); Background colour (blue component); Flozoids colour1 (red component); Flozoids colour1 (green component); Flozoids colour1 (blue component); Flozoids colour2 (red component); Flozoids colour2 (green component); Flozoids colour2 (blue component); Optional image over applet; Over image X offset; Over image Y offset; Memory deallocation delay; Task priority (1..10)Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java. ; Message for no java browsers.  Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java.  Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java.

Download Our Flozoids Java Applets Files

Another interesting parameter of the flozoids java applet is called fheads. When set to yes it gives each flozoid a second element that follows the first. The fheads can be given a different color as in our center panel there are 30 red flozoids with fheads set to yes and yellow in color. Nadezda sure is one red hot sexy babe sitting there in her wet tshirt. Have fun with your own flozoids java applet.