Fetish Wheelchair Pretenders

Perfectly able-bodied women with a desire to be disabled are often called wheelchair pretenders or wheelchair wannabes. Especially by real wheelchair users. It is however a medically recognised condition called Abasiophilia; a pleasurable desire to have impaired mobility. Adults with a fetish for medical equipment, to wear diapers (nappies), use wheelchairs and other disability medical devices. Wheelchair pretenders in bandages, plaster casts, leg braces, calipers and neck collars, feature on a paraphilia website called Carefet. This gallery contains free images of these sexy wheelchair wannabes.


Paraphilia is the general medical term given to describe a sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals with specific characteristics. A fetish is a strong desire for stimulation, sexual desire arousal and gratification that is atypical and extreme. Some paraphilias have more than one term to describe them as the terms may overlap with others. Paraphilic infantilism (or autonepiophilia) for example, is a sexual arousal and desire of wheelchairs combined with the desire to wear adult diapers. As you may notice in our gallery some of the beautiful wheelchair fetish girls featured also have an overlapping fetish for adult diapers, plaster casts, crutches, or leg calipers etc.

Disabled Desire

You may be asking why a perfectly healthy girl would desire being disabled in a wheelchair. Why someone would fantasise and become sexually aroused over paralysis. Last month we reviewed the film “Quid Pro Quo” where paraplegic reporter Isaac, falls for handicap lover Fiona, a wheelchair pretender. We explained, a wheelchair is a wheelchair. A conventional transport device used by people with spinal cord injury paralysis and other disabilities affecting mobility. To wheelchair pretenders however, it lends the power to be seen as, “special.” To wheelchair pretenders the wheelchair is a medical device garnering pity and empathy.

Wheelchair Fetish or Wheelchair Devotee

Herein exists the thin line between wheelchair fetish and wheelchair devotee. Strictly speaking, a wheelchair devotee is someone who finds themselves attracted to wheelchair users. Whereas wheelchair fetish is a sexual attraction to the actual wheelchair itself.

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Wheelchair wannabes do not park in handicap spaces and limp into a store. They do not defraud the government by faking disability claims. Wannabes don’t ride in wheelchairs because they are lazy, or take wheelchairs to concerts demanding priority seating. Wheelchair wannabes keep their fetish secretive. Like any sexual fantasy or fetish it is mostly practised behind closed doors.

Wheelchair Pretender Player or Hater

Abasophilia (wheelchair pretenders) are much maligned by the very people who seek them. There are comments on our website questioning the authenticity and extent of spinal cord injury of beautiful women featured in our image galleries. These rumblings mostly come from wheelchair men wishing for girls to see them as desirable. Well guys, you cannot get much better than a beautiful woman who is already into wheelchairs. Nobody says she can’t be in your lap, or if he, giving a lap dance. Wheelchair devotees are typically amazing women who simply have a harmless attraction to wheelchair users before others. Much like you might prefer a Ferrari to Porsche, blond to brunette, or bums to breasts. The beautiful Carefet wheelchair pretenders in our gallery happen to prefer wheelchairs, as wheelchair lovers do.

Real Wheelchair Devotee

The diametric works both ways. Being a  paralyzed quadriplegic wheelchair user I recently stated so when posting hello to someone I knew in a wheelchair devotees forum. I was told by an admin to post elsewhere. That the forum was for devotees only. Well excuse me. Since when could only people with a working pair of legs be a devotee?

Real wheelchair users per-population are in fact more inclined to be wheelchair devotees. People with spinal cord injury have the pre-disposition. An increased interest in disability and greater exposure to other wheelchair users. We possess a natural attraction understanding and empathy toward wheelchair users. We are the model wheelchair devotee. Quadriplegics recognise attractive qualites and beauty in other wheelchairs users well beyond those native to amblatory devotees.

Wheelchair Wannabe Accepted

We encourage you to accept wheelchair pretenders and wheelchair wannabes as they are simply wheelchair lovers after all. Unlike the more extreme factions of handicap fetish, diaper and medical fetish often perverse, wheelchair fetish is a relatively harmless attraction. We are not condoning self harm, the desire to be disabled, or paralyzed, just the sexual arousal and love of wheelchairs.

Be thankful not all people are repulsed by disability and handicap wheelchair users. On Dr Phil today an obnoxious young woman called all wheelchair users repulsive. She refuses to look at or sit near them. Parks in handicap spaces because otherwise “they” inconvienience her by making her walk further. She justified her daughters same behaviour as “only being young.” I laughed my handicapped ass off when Dr Phil leant over and said, “Exactly, she is only young. You are an adult… and you should know better!”

8 thoughts on “Fetish Wheelchair Pretenders

  1. I find that most of those whom I have gained some knowledge of, in years on the net, if not all of them, have some medical condition or other, of a physical nature, that is the basis for their attraction to pretending. Many are in fact struggling with minor disability, or some real inability compared to their peers, or have had that experience in life. Failing to gain fuller acceptance because they are not deemed as disabled enough to qualify for that acceptance, they turn to playing a more severely disabled role, as a way of coping with challenges.

    Certainly is what attracts me to the disability role play game.

  2. Before I started dating my boyfriend with C5C6 complete quad, I had been dreaming about taking his spare manual wheelchair for a turn on our outings. I simply thought it would be a fun way to connect, but having heard that many wheelchair users find that idea offensive, I never made that request. Later he really did invite me to use his spare chair on a date and then every date after that. It was a blast for me and meaningful for him. However, while we were out I swear I could feel everyone’s gaze on my functional legs. They were calling me a poser with they eyes.
    So really, how insulting is it to wheelchair users and non-users that an able-bodied person is in a wheelchair for any reason?

  3. I know thousands of wheelchair users. Most say they have no problem with able-bodied friends trying their wheelchair out to get an understanding of what we face everyday. It’s only when used for deception; taking up a handicap parking bay, to get front row seats, or just too fat and lazy to walk, that it becomes a problem.

    To put it in another context, if you offered to assist a blind man in a grocery store and spent the next two hours getting to know him, gathering his shopping list, explaining what is what, helping him feel, believing he was %100 blind. Then saw him throw his cane and gasses in the back seat as he speeds out of a handicap parking bay. How would you feel?

    The majority of able bodied people have no idea what it’s like to have tetraplegia or paraplegia. Yet they will stand and defend us. That’s a great thing. Pretenders can only detract from that. Hence outside of your own home the animosity.

  4. Hi I’m twenty and I’m an aspiring writer. I deeply respect and am moved. I am here to do some research for my book. I’d would like to interact with a paraplegic. Kindly understand and email me at [removed] It matters a lot. Thank you :)

  5. I think it’s wonderful that men (and some women) have a desire for people in wheelchairs. Being in a wheelchair myself, it’s nice to know I am still attractive and wanted. ;)

  6. I also believe it is wonderful that people are interested in dating
    poeople in wheelchairs,after all,we are just people we just move around
    differently.the women who are in wheelchairs are beautiful,they are just on wheels ,as are us men,as i am, i am a paraplegic.so dont be afraid of us on wheels we dont bite we just roll.

  7. exactly wheelz66. There’s beauty to find everywhere in the world and just because you move in a different manner does not mean you wont be appreciated by women. Mobility comes in many fashions and as we can see from this site beauty takes many forms.

  8. AMEN to that Amanda,there is beauty all over this wonderful world we live in,people just have to look past what they always see on the outside,and start to look inside of poeople,maybe they would learn something,and look even farther they just might see just how beautiful the rest of the worls really is.

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