Conrad Treasury Casino streetside wheelchair pity hot spot

Wheelchair Pity

Funny things happen to me in my wheelchair. Being a quadriplegic I slip a kind of large insulated cup onto my wrist to lift a drink to my mouth. I call it my cooler. Sitting outside of the Treasury Casino one night a woman came by and dropped a few coins in my cooler! I was a victim of drive by wheelchair pity! She must have thought I was some kind of handicap street beggar.

Heart Attack Grill

Fancy a heart stopping night out? A sexy waitress in skin tight nurses uniform might get your heart racing, until she serves you a quadruple bypass burger, at the Heart Attack Grill in Dallas. If you can consume the two pound beef “world’s worst junk food” burger it’s not only free, your hot waitress will push your clogged arteries to the car park in a wheelchair.

Funny Disability Quotes Sayings Pictures

Post your favorite quotes, short stories and funny pictures relating to disability. There’s a big difference between laughing at someone and laughing with someone, especially in relation to people with a disability but I find most people in wheelchairs have a tremendous sense of humor.