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Humor is a great way to put people at ease and cope in difficult or embarrassing situations. Of course there’s a big difference between laughing at someone and laughing with someone. I find most people in wheelchairs have a wicked sense of humor. Post your favorite quotes, short stories and funny pictures relating to disability. I want to hear what cracks you up, even if it seems stupid share it with us. I’m told I have a weird sense of humor.


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I'm in it for the parking
I'm in it for the parking

Haha, I’ve also seen stickers you can slap on cars parked in disabled parking zones without a permit. They read, “Stupidity is not a disability.”

Wheelchair Cat Video – Trust Fund Kitty

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  1. try this one out this lady said to me yesterday.excuse me what do you like to be called handicapped disabled or physically challenged.i politely said Joe will be fine thanks.go figure lol

  2. I’m always getting asked Are you ok (when I’m trying to put my right foot back on the footsie) or is there anything I can help you with? I say, get me a pair of legs that work and I’ll be just fine.

    Or people stop me to ask about my chair or how cool my van is with the ramp and then I have to be polite and sit there listening about their health issues or how a friend or family member could have used a chair or van like mine while they were still alive.

    Really puts me in a good mood……………

  3. Remember the tee shirts that said “I’m not deaf,I am ignoring you?” I want one that says “I’m not ignoring you, I am deaf”

  4. Why do people in wheelchairs make the best marital partners?
    They will never walk out on you..

  5. My partner calls disabled parking blue spacehopper parking.

    He says that he is not disabled, but spinally challenged.

    And I am going to slap the next person who asks me, does he want to get up today, why don’t you ask him, his mouth works fine, and so does his brain.

  6. Ever have an argument w your partner/friend whomever and when you try to leave the room to put some space between you they run into your shins and over your toes then say, sorry love it was just a spasm :)

  7. Lol, no Amanda, but I have been almost made to fall off his lap, by a spasm, oh and once I was holding a bottle of water for him, obviously not firmly enough, my right hand doesn’t always do as I say after my horse stepped on it when I fell off, he spasmed, and I spilt practically the whole bottle of water on the bed, and we both said, Wasn’t me, at the same time and then giggled uncontrollably for about ten minutes, when the carers arrived about half an hour later, he told them I had wet the bed!fortunately the two that came in that night got the joke

  8. I don’t know what to say about this one.

    The car did have a handicap permit, but I wonder what kind of disability it was… most likely mental. LOL

  9. Oh dear God!! colour blind? is that considered a disability? or maybe just a bit daft and thought they were meant to park in the hatched area?

  10. Oh my, that seems like something someone in Ohio would do…. Im hoping it was just a “confused” person but then again if they are that confused Im not sure I want them behind the wheel lol

  11. This is no joke it’s a TRUE story that happened many years ago. Being a T-6 paraplegic I wear a condom catheter and a bag on my lower part of my leg. I need to pay attention to it, If it gets too full it will bust or my catheter may come off and I have wet pants. One evening at a local night club I used to frequent. I felt down and noticed it was about to explode so I headed for the bathroom to empty it. As I got up to the urinal and crossed my leg to access the plug and preceded to empty the bag, I noticed some older guy leaning against the wall watching my every move. I just preceded and when finished I pulled my sock up and my pant leg back down. This old guy just kept staring at me as I turned around. I politely said: How you doing? He stood there shaking his head back and forth as saying NO and then he said: God Damn, You must be popular with the women.

  12. Just wanted to confirm, can we share these photos on facebook, so that more people can be sensitized?

  13. Naveenu, no you cannot reuse reproduce or redistribute any images found on this website without express permission from the Administrators.

  14. Graham, seems like quite a double standard, considering a lot of these images came from other websites. Did you get express permission from the administrators of those sites? (Or, preferably, from the copyright holders?)

  15. Yes of course we have permission or hold copyright. If you believe anything on our website is in breach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) please report it to us and be specific. Our legal team will persue it.

  16. One day we took our daughter to the local mall, driving in to the large handicap spot with the large blue hatched area, We were using our full-sized Ford E250 raised van, Square cube-style “Bus-style” body with the large 9″ blue Handicapped signs on both sides of the back, Ricon Lift with the “Do not park within 30meters of this door” sign and the signs on the parking spot. After getting her off the van, Stowing the lift and going into the mall, some MORON parked directly beside the door so when we came out, we had to back the van up blocking all trafic, to get our daughter back in. I would have LOVED to find out who owned this car and have a chat.. Where can I get a pack of those stickers…. “Stupidity is NOT a handicap”

  17. I may get myself in trouble or beat up some day, but I have been known to tell people “Hey, That spot is for “PHYSICALLY” handicapped people…..”

  18. I’m working on being the first can’t stand up comedian. Nothing gets by me, especially in a narrow hallway! Just call me wheels, I’m on a roll.

  19. I’ve been long for a page like this a couple of days, and just want to say thanks for making me laugh til I peed myself….

  20. I am a T-4 through 8 paraplegic and I am always making fun of myself or catching people saying something stupid without thinking about it. Receptionists are the worst. When you go to the doctor and they are extremely busy, the first words that come out of their mouth is “the doctor is busy, so if you will just take a seat…” I usually reply with a smart remark…”no thanks, I brought mine with me.” I have others but they are going into my book, No Thanks, I Brought Mine With Me.

  21. Why is it that whenever you go to a restaurant and look to the waiter/ress, ready to order, your meal is ordered through the friends that have accompanied you, its so frustrating my last meal was at TGI Fridays, Meadowhall Sheffield UK but I certainly made an impression, the waitress came to ask if we would like drinks and my friends ordered theirs, I waited 20 minutes before being asked, when I was finally asked my meal option was ordered as well but still took a further 40 minutes longer my friends, who had consumed theirs and I was still waiting for mine, I simply rolled out leaving a note on the table which read DISABLED NOT INVISIBLE

  22. I have the front cover of a Binder attached to the rear of my seat, enabling me to slide various pages under the clear plastic cover.
    Here’s one of the signs I love posting on the back of my chair!

  23. When I find a good scene, I personalize each picture to get my point across to the GOOD side of living with a disability!

  24. I told my Parents I was getting a Powerchair to increase my mobility.
    Well… it IS powered, right?

  25. Awareness T-Stirt’s supporting different Disabilities. The T-Shirts have been designed to promote the ‘Equality for Wheelability’ awareness campaign. A number of T-Shirts have different categories incorporating the logo within the design, to suit the different disabilities, personalities, individuals, carers, and non-cares. Buying one of these Tee all proceeds will go to youngcare Australia help raise awareness.

  26. Being classed Unemployable means we’ve got more time on our hands to help solve people’s problems while they’re at work.

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