Loving Somebody Extraordinary

I had given up on marriage. All of a sudden there he was sitting in the sun in a wheelchair, my knight, my soulmate, my somebody extraordinary. I offered him a sip of my ginger beer. Francois a C5-6 quadriplegic has a deep understanding of human nature, and great sense of humour. Meeting him changed my life forever and we married in 2009 in South Africa.

Disabled wheelchair model animation Michael pushing manual Flex design wheelchair

Wheelchair Animation In Daz3D

Create 3D wheelchair animation in Daz3D quick and easy. Daz3D is free and our tips fast track you to a whole new world of disabled wheelchair modeling and animation. Watch as our handsome wheelchair model Michael comes to life pushing his Flex wheelchair across the floor.

Wheelchair Lovers Dating Paraplegics

That nylon, smooth as silk just does something to a man. Add the intrigue of those legs being paralyzed and it’s very exciting for men dating paraplegics. She gave a little twirl in her wheelchair. He complimented her stunning appearance. The chair disappeared into the rooftop lift and we were off to dinner.