Wheelchair Lovers Dating Paraplegics

That nylon, smooth as silk just does something to a man. Add the intrigue of those legs being paralyzed and it’s very exciting for men dating paraplegics. She gave a little twirl in her wheelchair. He complimented her stunning appearance. The chair disappeared into the rooftop lift and we were off to dinner.

All you ever wanted to know about dating paraplegics and wheelchair users

Dating Paraplegics the Ultimate Guide

We explain all you ever need to know about dating wheelchair users in short easy to understand terms. “Dating Paraplegics the Ultimate Guide” is a great read for anyone dating. Begin to date a wheelchair user the right way. Discover the secrets to dating paraplegic wheelchair users.

wheelchair disability fetish woman

Disability Fetish and Medical Fetish

Disability fetish is grossly mis-represented in the commercial sex industry. Gimp calendars and videos of amputees having sex are a poor representation. Very few with a disability fetish actually desire to be disabled. Medical fetish range from an attraction to wheelchairs to torturous medical devices. In the extreme these can be harmful. We unveil the mystery of fetish.

Dating Paraplegic Girls

Dating Paraplegic Girls

This is the story of how I met Jeff and our first date together. My boyfriend doesn’t mind dating paraplegic girls. I use a wheelchair, leg braces and crutches because I’m paralyzed from my waist down. We really hit it off on our first date. I guess it’s hard for some men to commit to a relationship with a handicapped girl. Jeff seems to look past my disability though.

Perfect Imperfection Rasso Bruckert photograph of disabled man in wheelchair

Perfect Imperfect

Highly respected German photographer Rasso Bruckert frustrated with “hospital” type images of the disabled celebrates disability through his camera lens. A collection of his raw powerful images appeared in a gallery titled “Perfect/Imperfect” inviting us to challenge the way we think about beauty and disability.