3D Wheelchair Models

3D Wheelchair Models Ioke & Michael

3D wheelchair models Ioke and Victoria and for the ladies, Michael our handsome 3D male model. Men and women with spinal cord injury and wheelchair devotees are willing to model for me. Problem is they become shy when it comes to publishing their image on the internet.

3D Disability Modeling

Movie studios employ dozens of CGI (Computer Generated Image) artists who toil for years to produce a two hour movie like Avatar. It can take months to learn how to use complex NURBS 3D modeling programs. Here are a few of my 3D disability modeling creations.

X-men Modified Wheelchair

Professor X Modified X-Men Wheelchair

In true X-Men style Daniel Valdez combined a 19th century rocking chair and modern Permobil C300 power wheelchair to produce this growling steaming mutant crossbreed fantasy liquor store on wheels. Professor X would be proud of this creation. “Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.” –Professor X