3D wheelchair models Michael and Kay splash into some swimming pool fun

Wheelchair Models Pool Fun

This week our sexy disabled 3D wheelchair models Michael in briefs and Kay in a pink bikini splash into some pool fun. A big problem with Daz3D is animating water and creating splash effects. We explain the short cuts so you can get straight to the pool fun part.

Disabled wheelchair model animation Michael pushing manual Flex design wheelchair

Wheelchair Animation In Daz3D

Create 3D wheelchair animation in Daz3D quick and easy. Daz3D is free and our tips fast track you to a whole new world of disabled wheelchair modeling and animation. Watch as our handsome wheelchair model Michael comes to life pushing his Flex wheelchair across the floor.

3D Disability Modeling

Movie studios employ dozens of CGI (Computer Generated Image) artists who toil for years to produce a two hour movie like Avatar. It can take months to learn how to use complex NURBS 3D modeling programs. Here are a few of my 3D disability modeling creations.

Quid Pro Quo stars Vera Farmiga and Nick Stahl

Quid Pro Quo

A Carlos Brooks film released by Magnolia Pictures in 2008, Quid Pro Quo stars Nick Stahl as Isaac Knott, a paraplegic radio reporter who dares follow the beautiful complex Fiona played by Vera Farmiga into the secretive world of self harm through wheelchair envy.

The Broken Column a painting by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Spinal Injury Artist

Influential Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) painted images of a disabled female body. Striking self portrait’s of her own trauma following a tram car accident in 1925 in which she suffered spinal column and spinal cord injuries. Frida Kahlo paintings and artworks are an artists journey through pain trauma and recovery.