Wheelchair service monitoring

Wheelchair Service Delivery

Guidelines for wheelchair service delivery systems that provide and improve access to manual wheelchairs. Great strategies for wheelchair provision, as well as user instruction and care. The important link between the user and the wheelchair.

pediatric spinal cord injury

Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury

As children are active climbers 35% of pediatric spinal cord injuries are caused by falls compared to 22% in the adult population. Treatment is highly individualized, dependant on the childs age, severity of spinal and cord damage, and other injuries the child may have incurred. When spinal surgery is required a child’s future growth and development must first be considered.

spinal injury wheelchair parents

Wheelchair Parents With Spinal Cord Injury

Some of the best parents you will ever meet are wheelchair users. Biological or inherited their children are well balanced high achievers, compassionate problem solvers, open and accepting of cultures outside their own. Parents with spinal cord injury make strong leaders, educators, dedicated and loyal to their partners in life and love.