Conrad Treasury Casino streetside wheelchair pity hot spot

Wheelchair Pity

Funny things happen to me in my wheelchair. Being a quadriplegic I slip a kind of large insulated cup onto my wrist to lift a drink to my mouth. I call it my cooler. Sitting outside of the Treasury Casino one night a woman came by and dropped a few coins in my cooler! I was a victim of drive by wheelchair pity! She must have thought I was some kind of handicap street beggar.

All you ever wanted to know about dating paraplegics and wheelchair users

Dating Paraplegics the Ultimate Guide

We explain all you ever need to know about dating wheelchair users in short easy to understand terms. “Dating Paraplegics the Ultimate Guide” is a great read for anyone dating. Begin to date a wheelchair user the right way. Discover the secrets to dating paraplegic wheelchair users.

spinal injury wheelchair parents

Wheelchair Parents With Spinal Cord Injury

Some of the best parents you will ever meet are wheelchair users. Biological or inherited their children are well balanced high achievers, compassionate problem solvers, open and accepting of cultures outside their own. Parents with spinal cord injury make strong leaders, educators, dedicated and loyal to their partners in life and love.


Ableism A Definition Of Normal

Ableism means “to be normal.” By creating a “normal” category prejudice social attitudes and discriminatory behaviors toward persons with a disability are also created. Establishing the able body as normal in society automatically creates the default category of “abnormal” for all who don’t meet the normal group criteria. This ableism exists not only in society but extends to education, employment…