wheelchair Socks

Wheelchair Socks

Today, Dr. Eugene Emmer, owner of RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories announced the launch of ‘Wheelchair Socks’ an innovative cover for wheelchair casters, the small front wheels…

3D wheelchair models Michael and Kay splash into some swimming pool fun

Wheelchair Models Pool Fun

This week our sexy disabled 3D wheelchair models Michael in briefs and Kay in a pink bikini splash into some pool fun. A big problem with Daz3D is animating water and creating splash effects. We explain the short cuts so you can get straight to the pool fun part.

3D Wheelchair Models

3D Wheelchair Models Ioke & Michael

3D wheelchair models Ioke and Victoria and for the ladies, Michael our handsome 3D male model. Men and women with spinal cord injury and wheelchair devotees are willing to model for me. Problem is they become shy when it comes to publishing their image on the internet.

Conrad Treasury Casino streetside wheelchair pity hot spot

Wheelchair Pity

Funny things happen to me in my wheelchair. Being a quadriplegic I slip a kind of large insulated cup onto my wrist to lift a drink to my mouth. I call it my cooler. Sitting outside of the Treasury Casino one night a woman came by and dropped a few coins in my cooler! I was a victim of drive by wheelchair pity! She must have thought I was some kind of handicap street beggar.

whale watching redcliffe

Whale Watching From Redcliffe Wheelchair Friendly

Join us on our second wheelchair thill-seeking event for the year. We will be onboard the Eye-Spy for a relaxing wheelchair friendly whale watching cruise. Departing from the Redcliffe Jetty at 9:30 am on the 19th Aug 2011. Returning at 3:00 pm the same day. Feel free to book your own tickets and join us.