Changing Supra Pubic Catheters

Changing Supra Pubic Catheters

Changing supra pubic catheters can be a daunting task. I have guided many through a suprapubic catheter change over 16 years. Take a deep breath and relax. Here is both our 3 step emergency guide and easy to follow 10 step guide on how to safely change a supra pubic catheter.

Silicone Foley Supra Pubic Catheters

Super Supra Pubic Catheters

A Supra Pubic Catheter or Tube commonly called a Super Pubic Catheter is a method of bladder management performed under a general anesthetic. Here I talk about my personal experience with SPC and we explore the benefits and problems with lifestyle; diet, drainage bags, leg bags, sediment, sex, swimming, urinay tract infections, and much more…

Bladder Washout Kit

Bladder Washout

A bladder washout is a technique used to flush blood clots or debris from the bladder by pushing solution into the bladder and immediately draining. A bladder washout may also be performed when unable to drink enough fluids, or to rid the bladder of certain urinary tract infections.