Wheelchair service monitoring

Wheelchair Service Delivery

Guidelines for wheelchair service delivery systems that provide and improve access to manual wheelchairs. Great strategies for wheelchair provision, as well as user instruction and care. The important link between the user and the wheelchair.

Manual wheelchair sideways stability wheel camber

Manual Wheelchair Design and Production

Guidelines on design production and selection of manual wheelchairs. How to produce and supply quality manual wheelchairs in less-resourced settings. Health and safety, strength and durability, suitability for use, and effective production methods are main design criteria. These determine functional performance, stability, manoeuvrability, pushing and transferring efficiency, transport and reliability. Solid Long term testing and follow-ups involve local wheelchair users knowledgeable about their physical, environmental, social and cultural needs.

Skin Care After Spinal Cord Injury

Loss of muscle function, poor circulation and often poor nutrition cause people with spinal cord injury to develop pressure areas or pressure sores (bed sores). Left unattended these can quickly become life threatening. The best way to heal a pressure area is to stop putting pressure on it. Fast healing of a pressure sore can be aided by…