Dean Pusell Love the Universe in You

Dean Pusell Love the Universe in You

We all ran into the water diving in. As I floated to the surface face down unable to move I knew the blood in the water was mine. I was placed in a halo brace to stabilize quadriplegia. My creative works since have featured in 65 exhibitions around the world “Love the Universe in You” is my latest published book. It was written with a glowing smile. Grab a copy and find your bliss.

Phoenix Radio Live Online SCI Interview

Phoenix Radio SCI Interview

Interviewed live on Phoenix Radio Graham Streets talks about life in a wheelchair after spinal cord injury and his battle to secure disability housing carers and funding to enhance quality of life after disability. Listen along to our six minute audio stream as Graham, Simon and Suzanne discuss rehab, respite, housing, carers, funding, and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Broken Column a painting by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Spinal Injury Artist

Influential Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) painted images of a disabled female body. Striking self portrait’s of her own trauma following a tram car accident in 1925 in which she suffered spinal column and spinal cord injuries. Frida Kahlo paintings and artworks are an artists journey through pain trauma and recovery.

Graham Streetrs Mark Hennley

National Disability Insurance Scheme

A National Disability Insurance Scheme will ease the huge financial cost of living with a disability like spinal cord injury. What if it happened to your son, wife or mother. Could you drop your job put your life on hold and meet their care needs for the rest of their life?”

Spinal Injury Fracture and Dislocation

Spinal Cord Injury Radiology X-rays

Radiology x-rays offer vital information to medical specialists after a spinal injury. The location and severity of damage revealed by x-rays directly determines the appropriate course of action to achieve best possible short and long term outcomes. MRI and CT scans further identify soft tissue and spinal cord damage.