Becoming Caregiver

Becoming a Caregiver – When the Dynamic Changes

I never realized I was becoming a caregiver to my fiance, it just came naturally. Then I felt the carer burnout people talk about and things started to unravel. Where did I the carer start and I the lover end. Having worked in the medical field I have never advocated for a spouse to be a primary caregiver for many reasons but he needed me.

Stop Forum Spam

Stop phpBB3 Forum Spam

Stop phpBB3 forum spam using a custom profile field. It’s simple, no spam user registrations = no spam posts. Here I share a very simple effective industry insiders secret to block phpBB3 forum spam user registration. So let’s get to it.

wheelchair provision 01

Policy and Planning for Wheelchair Provision

Policy and Planning to Implement Sustainable Wheelchair Provision concludes our five part series on wheelchair provision in less resourced settings by the World Health Organisation. Covering activities in planning and implementation of wheelchair provision, strategies for costing and financing wheelchair provision, and offers links between wheelchair services and other sectors.

Dean Pusell Love the Universe in You

Dean Pusell Love the Universe in You

We all ran into the water diving in. As I floated to the surface face down unable to move I knew the blood in the water was mine. I was placed in a halo brace to stabilize quadriplegia. My creative works since have featured in 65 exhibitions around the world “Love the Universe in You” is my latest published book. It was written with a glowing smile. Grab a copy and find your bliss.