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Looking for a cheap thrill? How about an accessible wheelchair bungy jump. On the Bungy Bullet you can leave your wheelchair behind and experience the exhilaration of a reverse bungy jump. If you have a spinal cord injury being thrown off a bridge in a spine cracking regular bungy jump is not a good idea. No problem when visiting The Big Cart Track, ignore the warning signs to wear brown jocks, and try this disability friendly thrill seeking wheelchair adventure ride.

Tim and Andre bungy jump on the Bungy Bullet
Tim and Andre jump on the Bungy Bullet

Tim threw me into one of the two bucket seats within the ball shaped steel roll cage fastening ankle and waist belts. A padded U shape shoulder clamp was locked down on us with a last minute hint from the adventure ride operator;

“Just keep your head back against the headrest mate! We have had wheelchair bound thrill-seekers before but never a quadriplegic, I mean, you can’t hold on!!” I replied, “Don’t need to do I?” The operator laughed, “Suppose not.”

Electric motors stretch thick elastic rubber bungy cords to the top of 50 meter high towers on each side of the Bungy Bullet cage. “Heads Back Fella’s! 3! 2! 1!” Bang!

Ready to launch 3, 2, 1
Ready to launch 3, 2, 1

The retaining strap is released from the bottom of the steel cage launching you from stationary to 400 kph (240 mph) in less than one second, that’s around 4G’s. If your head wasn’t back on that headrest, it is now!

After you’ve coughed up your tongue, suck in some air at the top, because it’s not over. The cage turns over and you’re heading straight for the ground until the elastic bungy cords stretch to capacity and recoil ripping you back skyward again, rolling bouncing and flipping you over and over.

Once you’ve stopped twisting and bouncing the motors lower the Bungy Bullet elastic cords and it’s two sickly thrill-seekers back to earth. If your neck is unstable from your spinal cord injury this adventure may not be for you. Two of our carers suffered sprained necks (not having them on the headrests). The quadriplegics glad to be back in their wheelchairs were fine apart from feeling like a human milkshake. Passengers of equal weight are best as when only one elastic cord pulls upward it makes for a very jerky rough ride.

Shot skyward at 400 Kmph
Shot skyward at 400 kph

Take extra straps, belts, duct tape, velcro and whatever you have. The fitted restraints are adequate for quadriplegics however some extra strapping is a very good idea. The last thing you want on this barf bungy jump is a leg flying up kicking you in the throat.

Before you go screamning it’s bungee jump fool!! Originating in Bristol UK in 1979 the first commercial bungy jump as we know it today wasn’t developed until 1986 in New Zealand where bungy is slang for elastic band. Americans bastardised the spelling to bungee jump. Even Wikipedia is confused over correct use;

Commercial bungee jumping began with the New Zealander, A J Hackett…

No matter how you spell it, the Bungy Bullet is a white knuckle wheelchair adventure earning five intensity stars. A spinal cord injury disability is no longer a barrier to bungy jumping. Quadriplegics can do it so paraplegics should have no trouble. Think you can stomach this one thrill-seekers? Leave your wheelchair behind and try this Bungy Jump it’s great! Oh, and empty your pockets haha.

Where: The Big Kart Track, Landsborough, Sunshine Coast.
Website: http://www.bigkart.com.au
$25.00 per person.
Intensity: 4 star rating For the price, excellent.

4 thoughts on “Bungy Jump

  1. I just read this article… really impressed even though I wouldn’t be able to do this myself ! Made me smile to read this x Lorna x

  2. A reverse wheelchair bunjy jump with a 6 point tuck and pike lol. Why couldn’t you do it lorna? I’m a C6 quadriplegic and it looks like it wouldn’t be to hard wi5th a few extra belts. I wonder if I can find one in my area. Kudos on your disability adventure web site Graham. Good to see some not only get out there and get involved but push it to the limit.

  3. This looks like fun and you would certainly make sheepish on lookers look at you lol wish it were here I would try anything once

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