Beautiful Faces

Perfectly symmetrical beautiful faces might be pretty but not necessarily attractive. Or what you might consider to be beautiful. Aware how people with a visible disability like wheelchair users are viewed by the public. It’s interesting that a slight flaw such as dimple or crooked tooth can give a face that unique beautiful quality. An imperfection drawing your interest. So what about a wheelchair.

Could a spinal cord injury like tetraplegia quadriplegia or paraplegia be an attractive quality? How about the wheelchair? The answer is yes on both counts. Many men and women find themselves attracted to people with a disability and those in wheelchairs. Some find the wheelchair itself an attraction. Conversely wheelchair users with a spinal cord injury often see beauty where others don’t. These characteristics make wheelchair users adoring attentive partners.

Women of the World Beautiful Faces

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These gorgeous girls 1024 x 768 px beautiful faces are bound to brighten any desktop. Each of us is born with a highly developed ability to recognise millions of different faces. What we find beautiful truly is in the eye of the beholder. Set one of these babes beautiful faces as your desktop or wallpaper and be greeted by one of the worlds most beautiful faces every time you boot up!

To be clear, only one of the beautiful faces in this gallery is a woman in a wheelchair. Most are models and actresses you may recognise from popular culture. If you doubt wheelchair users are attractive look in our beautiful sexy wheelchair babes gallery. There are hundreds of young girls and women with beautiful faces in there. 

A spinal cord injury is a traumatic event for anyone to go through. Any man or woman in a wheelchair has to be strong to survive such a life changing event. That is what I find attractive. That strength of character. If they happen to have  beautiful faces or sexy bodies it’s a bonus.

17 thoughts on “Beautiful Faces

  1. Hey, I have pics of Elisha Cuthbert where whe looks more beautiful than on this web site. Do you want the pics? Also, where is Evan Rachel Wood, she must be on this page. (I also have her pics, she looks fantastic)

  2. Hi Miguel, Elisha Cuthbert sure is cute, send it on over. If you could send Evan Rachel Wood too that’d be great! I’ve never heard of her.

  3. Hello Lorie, yes we can do that. Do you still have the original photo? We respect our members privacy, feel free to email it to admin@ our domain name if you wish. You certainly are beautiful and we are fully aware it can draw unwanted attention. The original confirms copyright ownership and will best suit our exclusive beautiful faces gallery template. If not that is ok, we will still add your lovely submission Lorie thank-you.

  4. The most beautiful woman in the world is an Irish girl called Mary Theresa Forde. After coming across her on the net I’ve become obsessed with this chick. she is an Irish writer/personality and I heard her accent on youtube & its seriously sexy. she’s got amazing magnetism. she looks like a blonde angelina jolie/mila kunis as she has these amazing huge green eyes and lovely mouth.


  5. All in the pictures are beautiful but truly beautiful is in the eyes of the beholder. But I prefer the inner beauty of a woman. Physical beauty fades as she age but the inner beauty stays.A woman can still look beautiful even though he has a disability.

  6. Hi. Whilst most of the faces I see on this page is beautiful, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful women in this world I’ve ever seen, is Catherine Zeta Jones, whether the younger or older image. I also think that she possesses an inner beauty that is not found in just any woman today.

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